Goodbye, Kinder

Today, with teary eyes, I picked Declan up from school for the last time as a kindegartener. This year has been full of so many new experiences and challenges. Declan has grown and learned more things than I ever imagined he would. A huge part of his success was his awesome teacher. She went above and beyond advocating for him as he struggled with concentrating his mind and body. We got in to a good groove mid year and he flourished. 
By chance we ended up running in to an old preschool friend, Graham. As we got to know his parents  (amazing people by the way) some business connections were made and Mark interned at their workplace and is now on staff. May I mention it's like "THE" place everyone wants to work?! ;)
A quick selfie with my FIRST grader. He's the best.



At times the words and pictures flow capturing our crazy life.
Other times I come to this blank screen night after night and my mind won't fathom how these sweet faces that call me mommy can't be shown. 
How can I share about the day to day without saying my kids names and showing their faces?
Last night I was broken.
Tonight I'm pissed.
Infuriated at a system that would allow children to be out of their home 2 years and still be so far from permanency. How is it that so many people are working hard to protect these boys from any more heartache but all we get is devastating news after each hearing?
I'm starting to get irritated that this is our life. There is a stirring in me. Something that won't rest peacefully in the beauty of our precious family. 
Who will stand up for these kids when those appointed to will not? Our hands are tied, our words not heard. 
I'm starting to get mad at normal families. Families that seemingly have it easy. I'm getting to the point I don't want to really spend much time with my "normal" friends...I mean...how the hell can we relate? No one is armpit deep in the legal disaster we live day to day not knowing what will happen to our kids. 
Please Lord, be near. 


this week

Oh happy day!

I love open adoption. My son's birth parents are such sweet people and I'm grateful for the time we get to spend with them. Recently, Declan's birth mom got married. She met a wonderful guy and they are truly happy- what a gift. We were excited to attend her wedding. The aura in the air was that everyone knew who we were but we didn't really know many people. Declan sure didn't mind. He loves attention and was extra adorable as always. As soon as the bride and groom came out to the foyer after the wedding, Declan went and jumped in her arms. All I could think was his shoes on her dress. ;) She loved it and the cameras started clicking from all directions. So excited for her new life with Luke. 
I've got to cheese with this goober especially when he asks. You think he knows he's cute?!

Spring breakin'

I have to admit the idea of being home all week with my spirited 6 year old sounded, well, exhausting. That it was but it was also full of some great times with Decs and sis.

We met Kristi and her kiddos at Defy Gravity. It's a new indoor trampoline park. I've never seen kids get tired so fast. So much fun!
We did a picnic twice at Holmes Lake. The weather this entire week was straight from heaven: 70s and sunny. 
Lots of sissy snuggles as it was my last week of maternity leave:
I visited L's preschool class to talk about my career as a realtor. It was hilarious. We ended with a selfie, of course:
I still worked a little on maternity leave (shock, I know). Fortunately I have really cool clients and having a couple cute tagalongs wasn't a big deal:

Beautiful day for baseball

A couple weeks ago we took the two little boys (and sis) to their first baseball game. It was 75 and sunny...so basically perfect. At first they were totally captured by it all. After an inning of wiggles, daddy saved the day with hot dogs. By the 4th inning, we joined all the other parents at the playground and quickly decided it was time to go home. Ha!! Such is life with a 2 & 3 year old. 

Sweet moments

Among the chaos I try to remember the sweet moments like...

Snuggling with baby girl on my last day of maternity leave:
Quick little errands and some fun one-on-one time:
Seeing my oldest so excited about school activities and capturing a picture that will
always make me smile:
Watching the boys love on their sister. My heart melts every time: