Gettin' Dirty!

Yesterday was a day I had been looking forward to for awhile: the Dirty Girl Mud Run!! I've officially been running for a year last month and have done a handful of races and this is one of my favorites for sure. It was a fun course and my first team race with some awesome ladies (included my sister who lives on St John).
My sister and I before the race. It was freeeezing.
We checked in our jackets and are ready for the race! Go team Mud-ska-teers! 
 My running partner, Sara, and I:



For some reason I've hesitated to update our profile letter. We were active a year at the end of April (when we had our failed match) and we definitely have new things going on in our lives and Declan looks much different now. So why the hesitation? I've been wrestling with it. I like to make the excuse that it's expensive to print them all off (it is) and we are moving and will need to redo the "house" section (we will) but I think the truth is I sometimes feel we won't be picked. Ever. Now, I know we were picked---but really picked...like not just "a match" but a birth and a fulfilled to the end adoption plan.  In the back of my mind I think that expectant mothers (and fathers) want to give the ultimate gift to that childless couple. We have a fabulous son. So, why pick us?! 

The excuses ended tonight. The unsettled feeling, the insecurity and the doubts ended tonight. I tore apart our old letter and filled it with all the new neat things we have going on in our life (Decs is in preschool! We are building a house! I'm a runner now! etc....) I splashed the picture pages with our fun adventures and pics of our loving extended family. Declan is indeed 4, not almost 2 like the last set of pics. ;) 

I have a new little flicker of excitement that someday an expectant parent will find our little family of 3 worthy of their child. Because you know when that day happens this brutal wait will all make sense.



It's that time of year again!! We just LOVE our college football around here. This year Declan learned to "throw the bones" (a signal of support for our "black shirts"---our defense).
We headed down early to tailgate and met up with my sister-in-law and our friend Whitney. The conversation about this picture went something like this: "let's get a picture before we're disgustingly sweaty." WHY? Because it was 95+ degrees, humid and there was no wind. I've never ever sweated as bad as I did today. It was well worth it, though! It was a super fun game to be at and we WON (wooop). 
 I bartered photography with some of my favorite clients for their tickets. Little did I know? Row 3.
 Our view!
 Just for fun, some of my little Husker from year's past.

2008 (the awkward newborn expression photo apparently):
Here's to a fabulous season, 'Skers!

...a little getaway...

This past Sunday we packed up and headed to Kansas City to Great Wolf Lodge. We hadn't made it out of Lincoln for a family vacation so this was a perfect little getaway.
 We had so much fun! Our time was full of water slides, eating out, shopping, late nights, video arcading and a wee bit of relaxing. Can I get a vacation from our vacation?!