It's that time of year again!! We just LOVE our college football around here. This year Declan learned to "throw the bones" (a signal of support for our "black shirts"---our defense).
We headed down early to tailgate and met up with my sister-in-law and our friend Whitney. The conversation about this picture went something like this: "let's get a picture before we're disgustingly sweaty." WHY? Because it was 95+ degrees, humid and there was no wind. I've never ever sweated as bad as I did today. It was well worth it, though! It was a super fun game to be at and we WON (wooop). 
 I bartered photography with some of my favorite clients for their tickets. Little did I know? Row 3.
 Our view!
 Just for fun, some of my little Husker from year's past.

2008 (the awkward newborn expression photo apparently):
Here's to a fabulous season, 'Skers!

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