Pumpkin Patch

I love all things Fall: football, crisp air, pumpkin everything, etc. One of our family's favorite is visiting a local pumpkin patch. Every year we go it's either fr-fr-freezing or HOT. This year? Perfect. It was fun to have two little newbies in tow. 
 Our little fam:
These cousins love each other so much:
Peas in a pod:
I love forcing Nana and Papa to take pictures because this cuteness happens:

Mahoney 2013

Every year, we can't wait to join family and friends out at Mahoney State Park. This year was a little different because we missed the majority of the get together (it's Thurs-Sun morning) for training with our new adoption agency. The twins were at respite and we made it out there for a full, fun Saturday. 

 Only at Mahoney...5 year olds driving around. ;)
Cousin's kiddos and sweet, preggo sister in law:
My cousin-in-law Emily. Love her!
Grandpa and Decs at the top of a very tall tower:
Declan was still deciding if he liked the heights:
The boys!
My sweet niece, Keller Grace:
Ahh! The babes! The couch will soon be unable to contain them.


date night

Declan and I had a little date night Sunday. His favorite place on earth, the local skate park, had a video  contest at a theatre downtown. We had heard the skaters were dressing up so we busted out Declan's bow tie. Let's just say he received a LOT of attention from everyone. He was such a ham and loved every moment. He would break dance and brag about "dropping in" and anything he could do to entertain. Fortunately, all the skaters thought he was rad. Ha!

Declan and his skate buddy, Owen:

Owen and his mama, Sara. She happens to be one of my best friends as well. ;)
 The red carpet with our little guys:
 This is Declan's skate coach, Matthew. Declan adores him! We do private lessons and I'll look up from reading and they'll both be full on dancing. Love it!


Apple Orchard

Sunday we met my sister-in-law and her family out at a nearby apple orchard. The trip was almost cut short when neither baby would take a cold bottle. We have created diva babies. I kid, I kid. But I've seriously googled "portable bottle warmer". We decided to load them up semi hungry (I held one, Mark pushed the other) and off we went. It ended up being so fun. Declan stayed nearby which is unheard of. Makes life easier, that's for sure.

Our life is so chaotic, so out of the norm but it's our little reality and it's filled with blessings (and spit up and whining and a messy house and foster drama). Thankful for where we are right now. It really feels like it is where God wants us to be (why God, why?!) ;)
 One of my biggest supporters, my SIL Jess. She too is adopted and never questions our sanity in all our new adventures. I loved looking over at her trying to feed my foster son (who wasn't having it). She was swaying and singing like she would do with any of her nieces or nephews. Warmed my heart.
 Maybe not how it will look like forever. Babies will likely go home. But, for now, us:
 cousins are the best:

Out and About

Saturday we resumed our normal morning schedule and headed out to The Bay for Declan's skate school. I've been SO nervous about taking the twins and I shouldn't have been. They did awesome! It's like the noise was soothing. Maybe the sound machine companies should add a skating feature? ;)
After skate school we wandered down to the new Rail Yard. Our city recently added a new entertainment area called the Rail Yard which sits next to our brand spankin' new arena. It's awesome down there and it's only half done. This HUGE screen is in the "yard" and we checked out a little Saturday football while daddy got a pizza.
 This cool dude was outside of Mellow.Mushroom Pizza. 
 I walked and Declan sprinted around the new arena:
I'm so excited to be getting out and doing normal family things with our party of 5. The twinkies sure do get a lot of attention (that double stroller is a beast). Declan is such a proud foster brother....until they cry and then he wants us to ditch them on the corner or something. Normal 5 year old behavior, right?! ;)