Wordless Wednesday

us in our scarves

Christmas 2010

[Christmas Eve]
Blessed by beautiful music and a message of the true reason we celebrate. 
Hosted in-laws with homemade chili, good conversation and endless Declan entertainment.

[Christmas Morning]
New traditions with our little family of 3. 
Sleeping in, new pajamas, Christmas tunes, biscuits with honey butter. 
Absolute bliss.

[Christmas Day]
All our immediate family together (my side) for the first time in forever!
Traditional gumbo dinner.
Watching Home Alone and tons of laughter.

[December 26]
Husband's extended family join over pizza.
Crazy chaos with lots of people and kids = love.
Took a long way home to look at lights or "big Ights" according to Decs.

[December 27]
Finally, Christmas with my husband's family.
3 little ones that wouldn't nap.
2 (older) little ones pretty excited about new loot. 
2 (older) little ones decorating gingerbread houses.
Chinese food, laughter, cheesecake and fun. (Until Declan melted down and forced us to leave in lightening speed. Asleep the second his head hit the pillow).
I can't believe how blessed I am sometimes. 
In addition to amazing family, seeing Christmas through the eyes of a child is priceless.  

Now that the busyness is settling, can someone come take down my tree, clean my house and do my laundry? Pretty please?


DPP :day 25:

DPP :day 24:

O Night Divine

O Holy Night! The stars are brightly shining,
It is the night of the dear Saviour's birth.
Long lay the world in sin and error pining.
Till He appeared and the Spirit felt its worth.
A thrill of hope the weary world rejoices,
For yonder breaks a new and glorious morn.
Fall on your knees! Oh, hear the angel voices!
O night divine, the night when Christ was born;
O night, O Holy Night , O night divine!
O night, O Holy Night , O night divine! 

What an amazing reason to celebrate. Merry Christmas, friends. 
From our family to yours,


DPP :day 23:

There was lots of laughter coming from the bathroom during Declan's bath time tonight. I went in and my husband was standing on a step stool. "Umm, watcha doing, honey?"  He answers: "just pouring water from a cup...Decs thinks it's hilarious."

I love simple, fun, silly moments. Kids are the best at those. Us adults should take note. 

On My Mind.

I have a lot on my mind. More specifically, the following:

-Potty training. Yes, we're finally starting thinking about. Not by choice. Declan's new nanny has started to take him to sit on the potty. Sooo...wait for total interest or "roll" with the small interest he has now? Little toilet or toilet attachment thingy? Cold turkey or the "no pressure" tactic? Teach to pee standing or sitting? Reward chart or candy prize? Seriously, my mind is all over the place.

-Big boy bed. I love having busy body Declan contained in his tented crib. I fear he's getting uncomfortable. He's nearly as long as the bed and he flip flops for an hour after lying down. Also, we are hoping to need the crib for baby #2 in 2011 (God willing). So...wait as long as possible and enjoy the peace that accompanies not having to worry about Declan escaping/not sleeping/playing/tearing the room a part? Transition him to a twin- make a huge deal about it, let him pick out sheets, etc and just deal with the hazing he might give us? Quit worrying about it and move him when and only when he's too long for the crib? (I kid, I kid.)

-Paci. If you're a loyal blog reader of mine (thank you to the 4 people out there), you'll know Declan gave up his paci on his own months ago. Well, a week later he was begging for it and we are huge softies and gave it back. I'm traumatized by the "gave up the paci and never sleeps good again" stories. Declan's such a great sleeper and we are loving that.  BUT- I do think his teeth are moving a little bit. So...cold turkey? Cut of the tips? Stop caring b/c he won't go to kindergarten with it? Wait until we've made it through the big boy bed transition?

My brain is fried. Educate me, friends. What worked? What didn't?


DPP :day 22:

I looove amazon.com. Cheaper prices, free shipping, Christmas shopping from my couch. Yes, please. 

DPP :day 21:


DPP :day 20:

Sweet moments with a VIP.
 See any resemblance?* 
*Great times tonight with Declan's birth dad, Tim.

DPP :day 19:



DPP :day 17:

Uncle Ryan has played a huge part in our lives- he introduced me to my husband Mark and nearly 10 years later to Declan's birth mom. We joke that I owe him an introduction to his future wife. Still working on that! 

He has been a radio DJ forever and there must indeed be something about his voice because Declan loves to hear him read books. He came over tonight to pick up Mark for a movie and Decs didn't let him slip away without reading Goodnight Moon. Classic. 

Fashion Sense

I had the cutest little outfit planned for Decs last night: skinny jeans, my favorite green screen printed tee layered under the cutest Gap button up. Throw on a little leather jacket and it's a hit, right?! Well Mr Decs absolutely insisted that he wear his rain boots instead of his black Converse high tops. Not exactly my vision. Watch out world- Decs is getting a little fashion sense. 

"Whatcha looking at?"

DPP :day 16:


DPP :day 15:

My favorite spot right now.