:DPP: Day 25

:DPP: Day 24

The time finally came....we packed up the twins and said goodbye. What a crazy ride the last 4+ months has been. We have learned more about foster care than we could have ever imagined. I'm choosing to share minimal details on purpose but I will say we are excited about our next chapter and relieved/saddened this chapter is over.

:DPP: Day 23

Decs and I hit the gym. He got to play and eat a candy cane, I got beat up by my trainer. :)


:DPP: Day 22

Tonight, we tried watching Elf again (2nd year in a row). Declan did better than last year. Add in a little egg nog and it's a tradition I'm starting to love.

:DPP: Day 21

Declan and I were snuggling on the couch watching Charlie.Brown and I was swept over with the thought that I hope my son loves him mama forever.
As soon as our snuggle fest was over, he did something naughty and was sent to time out. A consequence he chose to serve in his "tube". Never a dull moment... ;)

:DPP: Day 20


:DPP: Day 19

Sugar rush.

:DPP: Day 18

We had an unseasonably warm day and Uncle Andrew took Decs for a spin...

:DPP: Day 17

I'm getting my days off here but, last weekend we went to The.Nutcracker with my brother and nephew. We lasted the first half only because Declan kept declaring how boring it was and how sleepy it was making him. Ha! We scooted off the Panera and had fun walking around a bit downtown. Such cute boys!

:DPP: Day 16

Sometimes I realize it's been an hour or more so since Mark went to put Declan to bed. Usually I find them both fast asleep. So sweet...

:DPP: Day 15

private skate lessons with his fave, Matthew

:DPP: Day 14

entertaining the twinks

:DPP: Day 13

sugar cookies = frosting everywhere

:DPP: Day 12

We took Declan ice skating for the first time at a new outdoor rink in our town. He fell so much but never gave up. Towards the end, when he fell, he'd declare that it was "his trick" and he did it on purpose. We made so many fun family memories that evening and ended it with some hot cocoa at a local shop.

:DPP: Day 11

My little man and his fave: Trader Joe's

:DPP: Day 10

:DPP: Day 9



:DPP: Day 8

Recovering from a long weekend

:DPP: Day 7

This past Sunday Declan had his Christmas program at church. He did awesome! They stuck him in the back row...what a waste of cuteness all hidden back there. Ha!

:DPP: Day 6

This past weekend we did respite for two little brothers ages 1 & 2. It was a lot of fun but also a ton of work! Phew! Makes the twins feel easy. :) Regardless how overwhelming it was, it was fun to have them around and they wanted extra hugs and cuddles which are always a joy to give. Declan was in heaven playing with the boys and asks everyday when they are coming back. We don't know if/when they will. Still praying on that issue!

Decs and "J" watching the iPad. A quick break from playing.
The boys got up in between 5:30 and 5:45 each morning. That's a far cry from our 7:45/8am wake up call with Declan and the twins. Made for a rough day. By the time 8am rolled around, we felt like we had been up half the day. Is is nighttime in this pic? Nope. Just 5:30am....
All cozied up before bed. It's so strange to get a 1 and 2 year old and have no idea their routines. I handed each boy a blanket (Declan always has a blanket for watching shows and bedtime) and they gave me "what do we do with these" looks. Also, figuring out a 1 year old's bedtime rituals was interesting. I laid him sideways in my arms with a soft lovie and he clawed his way back upright. After a few different attempts at soothing techniques, he eventually settled down. The things we take for granted with our little one.


:DPP: Day 5

Today was a big day. We took Declan to his first movie! We were the only ones in the theater and Decs did pretty good. He got restless a few times but settled down. Spirited kid success!

:DPP: Day 4

Every year I remember to order Declan's stocking as soon as they are sold out (so it seems). This year I was sick of the generic and got it ordered early. Yay! Can't wait to add more.


:DPP: Day 3

Going to see Santa at the mall. One of the three of us was excited...
...and a bonus pic just because it makes me smile...


:DPP: Day 2

We have never put up Christmas lights before. This year, at our new place, was the year. My dad helped us tremendously and Mark did all the scary stuff. We love our twinkly house at night.

:DPP: Day 1

Our sweet old lady, Sophie Mae



Fun times with cousins!
 My sister-in-law is due any day. We got to shower her with some fun stuff.
Can't wait to meet my new little niece or nephew!
 I have such a love/hate relationship with our uncovered sidelight. It blinds us in the morning when we try to feed the babies but it's our dogs favorite look out. Uncovered it shall stay.
 This was my 3rd (4th?) year doing finish line photography at the Market-to-Market relay. I reaaaaly didn't have time to do it but glad I carved it out. Always a good time!
I've been taking Declan to work with me on and off since he was a few months old. It's so fun to see his growth in understanding of what I do. This day, I took him to list a home. Before I even had the lockbox on the door, I looked back and he was fetching the sign (and proceeded to stick it in the yard). When we pick up SOLD signs he asks "did this house close, mommy?" My little assistant. 
 Family of 3 date night to Panera...


double up

Being foster parents to twins has taken many weeks to settle in to. Besides the general baby splosion in our casa, there are team meetings, appointments, dynamics with mom and so on. I'm happy to say, that after 11 weeks, we are in a good grove. Not just a good groove with the babies, but mom is growing and changing and this whole foster thing seems to be working. Oh, how rare that is! (Sadly so). It's really tough to predict but I think the twinks will only be with us 2-3 more months. We'll soak it up. I thought it'd be fun to share some pics that I will likely look back on and say "how'd we do that?!" At this point we make it work with lots of help from everyone and good teamwork with the hubs. Declan has also become quite the little helper (a far cry from the first couple of weeks where he acted all shades of cray to get our attention).
A few moments of silence...swing babies swing...
 The snuggles never EVER get old...
 Yep. Laundry 24/7. Reflux, much?!
 While it's still nice outside, the babes just go where we go. As winter approaches, this will change. Germs are no good for little preemies (not to mention that fabulous Nebraska cold)...
 Not even two days of laundry...
 Mark is way better at double timing with the babies than I am...