Year to year

Our friends have an annual July party at their place with our Lifegroup and I look forward to it every year. We also snap a pic of the kiddos each year. Wow, how quickly they grow (and how quickly families expand). There are two babies in bellies right now and hopefully we'll have another nugget next year too. Fun times last night!


h-h-h-hot summer days...

It has been extra roasty here this week. Wednesday, it was 104 degrees so there 
was nothing to do but go to the pool with some buddies:
Declan doesn't really nap anymore but playing hard at the pool sometimes zonks him out:
 My cousin's little guy was my sweet cuddle bug last night. Who cares if it was 90 out:
 Our Lifegroup kiddos at the annual Anderson Family hang out:
 We were leaving today and Declan was looking extra cute with his orange glasses so I went to 
snap a pic and he struck this Michael.Jackson pose. This boy, I swear...personality for days...


to the zoo

We lead busy lives. I feel like I'm carting Declan around from this to that with a tangible sense of urgency. This past Wednesday, we had a whole afternoon just us. I asked what he wanted to do and he said "the zoo with mommy and Deckies". That we did. I let him roam around and choose what each of our adventures were. Pretty sure it was one of the best little dates I've had with my favorite munchkin.


Declan has finally started to draw! It's been a long time coming. He's always been more in to physical things and less artsy. So this is his masterpiece. A horse:
 We spent Monday at a nearby water park. If you run in to Declan in the next year, he'll probably tell you about "the bucket". Here it is folks, the big bucket:
At our "happy place" AKA Star City. You will find us there several times a week.
Baseball with Grandma & Grandpa:
 Play date with the besties:
 My dreams came true. I love me some Dt Dew in the can, now there's a doubler. Woot!
 First time drumming with Uncle Ryan (a drummer):
 Poolside with my babe:
 Sundays with Sara! We have standing plans to meet at these certain chairs at the pool. 
The crew is different every week which keeps it fun.
 My gamers:

too funny

I found these two pics on my phone and they crack me up. First off, Declan photo bombed so many pics the night of Shaun & Heather's wedding. On Facebook, most of the pics they were tagged in, there was Declan (with people I didn't know). Hah-larious!
First dance photo bombing:
 This pic makes me smile because Declan was glued to Aunt Heather's side all night. He LOVED dancing with her. Several times since the wedding he says "remember, later, when I was dancing with Aunt Hed-der?" (he always says "later" when referring to the past)


The Mr. & Mrs.

Last weekend was a total blast!! My brother got married to my new sister-in-law Heather surrounded by tons of family and friends. It was a country theme and we busted out the boots. I've never owned cowboy boots before but I'm a total convert.

Rehearsal dinner at a Greek restaurant. The happy couple:
The first of many adorable pics of the cousins...rockin' their boots:
Awww...Nana and Decs:
Right after getting married:
 My brother's a local musician and so we stopped by one of the 
bars he plays at for some pics. Declan loved dancing with Aunt Heather.
with the hubs:
 My pretty niece:
 Yep, love my boots!
 Me and my sis:
 What a little stud:
 Declan just loved my Aunt & Uncle from New York.
 Two tired guys gaming:
My Aunt from Tx, sis, and new sis-in-law:
 One of my favorite pics of the night:
 My brother took the stage to sing Blue Suede Shoes. It was awesome!!


It's been a little nuts around here lately but I wanted to do a little idump so I don't forget the memories we've been making despite the craziness.
My sister was in town from St. John. We got in some good pool time.
Decs and his cousins have a blast together.
 Decs loved his new goggles. He wore them most of the day.
 A boy and his harmonica.
 My sis and I.
Super D
Sweet cousins.