h-h-h-hot summer days...

It has been extra roasty here this week. Wednesday, it was 104 degrees so there 
was nothing to do but go to the pool with some buddies:
Declan doesn't really nap anymore but playing hard at the pool sometimes zonks him out:
 My cousin's little guy was my sweet cuddle bug last night. Who cares if it was 90 out:
 Our Lifegroup kiddos at the annual Anderson Family hang out:
 We were leaving today and Declan was looking extra cute with his orange glasses so I went to 
snap a pic and he struck this Michael.Jackson pose. This boy, I swear...personality for days...

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happymomof2 said...

It's been a hot one here too! Since Wednesday we have been in the 100's with it feeling like 115+ YIKES that's sizzling! So we've also been trying to stay cool, and staying inside due to breathing issues etc! Hope you all stay cool and have a great weekend!