this week

Oh happy day!

I love open adoption. My son's birth parents are such sweet people and I'm grateful for the time we get to spend with them. Recently, Declan's birth mom got married. She met a wonderful guy and they are truly happy- what a gift. We were excited to attend her wedding. The aura in the air was that everyone knew who we were but we didn't really know many people. Declan sure didn't mind. He loves attention and was extra adorable as always. As soon as the bride and groom came out to the foyer after the wedding, Declan went and jumped in her arms. All I could think was his shoes on her dress. ;) She loved it and the cameras started clicking from all directions. So excited for her new life with Luke. 
I've got to cheese with this goober especially when he asks. You think he knows he's cute?!

Spring breakin'

I have to admit the idea of being home all week with my spirited 6 year old sounded, well, exhausting. That it was but it was also full of some great times with Decs and sis.

We met Kristi and her kiddos at Defy Gravity. It's a new indoor trampoline park. I've never seen kids get tired so fast. So much fun!
We did a picnic twice at Holmes Lake. The weather this entire week was straight from heaven: 70s and sunny. 
Lots of sissy snuggles as it was my last week of maternity leave:
I visited L's preschool class to talk about my career as a realtor. It was hilarious. We ended with a selfie, of course:
I still worked a little on maternity leave (shock, I know). Fortunately I have really cool clients and having a couple cute tagalongs wasn't a big deal:

Beautiful day for baseball

A couple weeks ago we took the two little boys (and sis) to their first baseball game. It was 75 and sunny...so basically perfect. At first they were totally captured by it all. After an inning of wiggles, daddy saved the day with hot dogs. By the 4th inning, we joined all the other parents at the playground and quickly decided it was time to go home. Ha!! Such is life with a 2 & 3 year old. 

Sweet moments

Among the chaos I try to remember the sweet moments like...

Snuggling with baby girl on my last day of maternity leave:
Quick little errands and some fun one-on-one time:
Seeing my oldest so excited about school activities and capturing a picture that will
always make me smile:
Watching the boys love on their sister. My heart melts every time:


So Much

There is so much going on with this case or should I say cases (sister is on a separate case). Yesterday, after what felt like a pretty good court hearing, I had the realization that this is going to drag way out. Like in to 2016 out. My heart breaks for these boys that they won't have permanency anytime soon but I also know they feel so secure, stable and loved. Baby girl continues to be a total blessing and sweetheart. No matter the days she spends with us, she will be adored and smothered with brother kisses. 
After the emotional court day, I drove home from an appointment in to this sunset. I feel that God painted it just for me to remind me that His plan is perfect and to keep hanging in there. 


A little catch up...

It's been nearly a month since I blogged and I blame exhaustion. The last thing I want to do when I finally get 4 kids tucked in to bed is try to use my brain. I don't want to forget these precious/crazy/fun moments though.

Declan is the sweetest brother to baby girl. Here, she got a few rounds of "You are my sunshine" (a favorite of all 3 boys at bedtime):
The boys both love to skateboard and skate school is that perfect place to burn some energy. I can't believe how tall they both look! 
I've never parented an easy-going baby so moments like this boggle my mind:
"L" came home from preschool so proud of his painting. Cracked us up. It's coffee grounds in case you were wondering:
I love catching Mark's tender moments with baby girl. Warms my heart...
Mark is hoping to pass down his love of playing guitar to the boys. He bought Declan this little Fender to start learning. 
The relationship between Declan and "L" has been a process. Now, they are besties and it's so fun to see how much they love spending time with each other:
I have seriously surprised myself by continuing to keep the gym a priority. Sometimes it takes extra coordinating but Mark's been awesome and he's super consistent as well. I think we finally realized how energizing and beneficial exercise can be.
I just love dressing my kiddos in coordinating clothes. I realize this won't be something they let me do forever, so I'll cherish it now. Celebrating Valentine's Day at Papa & Nana's:
I wish it wasn't a rare moment that all 3 boys play together but it is. "B" is usually hanging out with me while the older 2 play but, this night, they all built legos for an hour!
Eric & Bekah stopped over to meet baby sister and show us their gorgeous wedding pictures. I hope these two always have a special bond:
Uncle Shaun and baby girl on his birthday: