Spring breakin'

I have to admit the idea of being home all week with my spirited 6 year old sounded, well, exhausting. That it was but it was also full of some great times with Decs and sis.

We met Kristi and her kiddos at Defy Gravity. It's a new indoor trampoline park. I've never seen kids get tired so fast. So much fun!
We did a picnic twice at Holmes Lake. The weather this entire week was straight from heaven: 70s and sunny. 
Lots of sissy snuggles as it was my last week of maternity leave:
I visited L's preschool class to talk about my career as a realtor. It was hilarious. We ended with a selfie, of course:
I still worked a little on maternity leave (shock, I know). Fortunately I have really cool clients and having a couple cute tagalongs wasn't a big deal:

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