Fun times with cousins!
 My sister-in-law is due any day. We got to shower her with some fun stuff.
Can't wait to meet my new little niece or nephew!
 I have such a love/hate relationship with our uncovered sidelight. It blinds us in the morning when we try to feed the babies but it's our dogs favorite look out. Uncovered it shall stay.
 This was my 3rd (4th?) year doing finish line photography at the Market-to-Market relay. I reaaaaly didn't have time to do it but glad I carved it out. Always a good time!
I've been taking Declan to work with me on and off since he was a few months old. It's so fun to see his growth in understanding of what I do. This day, I took him to list a home. Before I even had the lockbox on the door, I looked back and he was fetching the sign (and proceeded to stick it in the yard). When we pick up SOLD signs he asks "did this house close, mommy?" My little assistant. 
 Family of 3 date night to Panera...


double up

Being foster parents to twins has taken many weeks to settle in to. Besides the general baby splosion in our casa, there are team meetings, appointments, dynamics with mom and so on. I'm happy to say, that after 11 weeks, we are in a good grove. Not just a good groove with the babies, but mom is growing and changing and this whole foster thing seems to be working. Oh, how rare that is! (Sadly so). It's really tough to predict but I think the twinks will only be with us 2-3 more months. We'll soak it up. I thought it'd be fun to share some pics that I will likely look back on and say "how'd we do that?!" At this point we make it work with lots of help from everyone and good teamwork with the hubs. Declan has also become quite the little helper (a far cry from the first couple of weeks where he acted all shades of cray to get our attention).
A few moments of silence...swing babies swing...
 The snuggles never EVER get old...
 Yep. Laundry 24/7. Reflux, much?!
 While it's still nice outside, the babes just go where we go. As winter approaches, this will change. Germs are no good for little preemies (not to mention that fabulous Nebraska cold)...
 Not even two days of laundry...
 Mark is way better at double timing with the babies than I am...


::Halloween:: ::2013::

This year's Halloween was a bit different since we were toting around two extra little bodies. The babies did pretty good and all three kids were adorable.  It was also the first year we were in our new (kid explosion) neighborhood. So much fun to trick-or-treat when almost every house participates. In the words of my nephew: "best Halloween ever!"
 We re-do this pic every year. I guess it was the year of black.
 Declan was obsessed with being a skeleton. Obsessed. The costume came in on Monday and we had a Halloween party that Saturday before. I scrambled and put together a cowboy outfit. My opinion....cowboy was waaaay cuter. Whattaya do?!

I love to compare pics year to year:
2012- little Luigi
 2011- cutest little fireman around (this picture kills me)
2010- adorable pirate
2009- another fave...newsy
2008- little dragon


:: FIVE ::

Declan Isaac
light of our lives
so blessed.