Saying Goodbye

A few weeks ago, we went through a pretty horrendous time. My boss and mentor lost his battle with brain cancer. The morning of his funeral, sister went home. She's been with us since birth and these last 8 months have been wonderful. She's a blessing. We are settling in to our new normal again. Thank goodness time heals. 

Mahoney 2015

Mahoney is always a highlight! This year the Lovelace/Hustad/Miller family celebrated 30 years of camping together. It's been really neat to see the changes over the years (probably a total trip for the parents to see the changes as our little kids are the same age as their kids were when they first started). 
Our boys were PERFECT ages to soak in tons of activity. Lots of fishing with daddy:
Something possessed me and I took all 3 boys paddle boating. ;)
We even hit the tower as a family. ((shaky legs))

September Moments

Happy 7th!

Just like that, sweet boy turned 7. I love this picture so much. It encapsulates him:
We took Declan lunch which is just the bees knees to him. His crazy little friends had fun too!
That night, with some family and friends, we hit Defy Gravity! Declan's been begging for a Defy Gravity party. I think it's just because he wanted the shirt. Ha!
A little sibling "crawl off"...