Worldless Wednesday

I tried my hand at doing some maternity shots for my gorgeously pregnant sister-in-law.


I won! I won!

Okay, so I didn't really win anything. I was nominated by my high school bestie for the "Kreativ Blogger" award. The rules are to post 7 things that others probably wouldn't know about you and then nominate 7 other bloggers for the award.

#1. My aforementioned bestie and I were really boy crazy in high school. What teenage girl wasn't? But, we had some serious crushes and rocked out to all the popular boy bands and a lot of Lauren.Hill. One of my main crushes was Rob.Thomas. Hmm. Not that cute- what was wrong with me?!

#2. I'm obsessed with photography. I've decided that I'm finally done sitting on the sidelines. I saved for and bought a sweeeet camera and even sweeter lens and start photography classes at the beginning of October. I've already done a couple "shoots" (though I feel like they've been over my head) and I can't wait to some day make a business out of this passion.

#3. Speaking of obsessions...have you tried the Reese's Big Cup? 'Nough said.

#4. I have a weird laundry thing. I don't like to wear things twice. Maybe I'll wear jeans twice but not usually. I've let this oddity effect Declan's wardrobe. He never wears things twice (including PJs). I am currently taking donations for a high efficiency front loader.

#5. I never wash my face at night. Nasty, huh? I need to get on a good skin care routine because I won't always have wrinkle-less skin. Do any of you out there love your skin care products?? I use Clin.ique make up and have for years but I'm open to some suggestions.

#6. I have some serious mad skills when it comes to old school Nin.tendo. Don't believe me? Ask my hardcore gamer husband how he did when we competed at Super.Mario.3.

#7. We started talking about number two. Yes, as in a sibling for Decs. It came out of nowhere...I've actually been feeling nervous for my pregnant friends (I can't imagine handling a newborn and Declan right now). Regardless, we've been dreaming of another adoption. We can't enter the waiting pool until Declan is 2 and then who knows how long we'll wait. I'm at least getting excited though it's uber far off.

I'm feeling a little lazy at the moment so I won't sift through my fav blogs and nominate. So, if you feel like it, post 7 things about yourself. Consider yourself nominated. ;)

Worldless Wednesday


Age Fail

If you don't already read Fail Blog, your life is missing a little extra (sometimes hysterical) laughter. This week I submitted my own little "fail" finding. While watching my beloved Huskers a couple weeks ago, this little gem popped up on the screen. What an agile 109 year old! Looks like his body finally gave in. :)
Hopefully this picture makes it on the website. Stay tuned!


I gotta feelin'....

Please take 5 minutes and watch this video.
You won't regret it!! 
(p.s...my husband also thought it was really cool for any of you guy readers that are scared away)



Our world has been so busy lately! This past weekend was much anticipated in our household. Curious the big event?? Opening of college football season, of course. Declan is being raised in the most honorable way- as a Husker!! Go Big Red!!
Here's Declan teaching his buddy Luke some bad habits at the football party:
We got to spend some time celebrating my big 2-8 with family. Declan loves his Papa:
Decs finally got to meet his great grandparents who live in New York. They've been amazing support through all our adoption madness.
Good times with daddy and cousin Ella:
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My always-making-a-mess toddler taking his nightly bath. We use to give him a bath nightly for the sake of routine but now it's necessary.
Tonight we went to Barnes&Noble to pick up some parenting books. Declan is such a sweet kid but he's starting to get a little defiant and I see a storm on the horizon. We got Happiest Toddler on the Block because we had good luck with Happiest Baby on the Block when he was a newborn. I went a little nuts and got 2 of James Dobson's books that I had heard good things about: The Strong-Willed Child and Bringing Up Boys. Reviews to come!! I have all the time in the world to read so I'll have my reviews up in a day or two (ahem- a month or two).
(Why did this paragraph all get underlined??? Hmmm...)



It was time our growing toddler got a little place of his own.

With fun, bright bins to store his toys in:

A soft rug to sit on (and let the dogs lay on):

A bean bag to read on:

A door to slobber on (please ignore the slobber- I can only clean it so much):

....also to open and close 39 times a day:

With plenty of cool toys from friends and family:



I sit here as a humbled woman. Tears stream down my face as I read through our roller coaster ride we were enduring at this time last year. The pain seems so distant. It's hard to verbalize anymore yet my heart knows. Deep down further than I care to explore, the excruciating pain is remembered. My empty arms, my aching heart, our devastation. It was September 1st, 2008 (Labor Day) where we had one more day to hear the fate of Isaac.

Our journey thus far had been so special. We had watched him grown in his firstmom's tummy, we had given him his first bath after arriving in this world, we had directed the medical staff in regards to vaccinations. The time came to pick up our sweet little bundle of joy and we heard. We heard the worst news possible: Isaac's birthparents were going to take him home. Our hearts were ripped from our chest. We felt anger and denial and numbness. We reclused in our home and cried. We held each other and speculated what might happen. It was impossible in our minds that Isaac's b.parents would spend a whole week with him and then turn him over to us. Yet our arms stayed open. No matter how much I cried, I loved Isaac. Even if we didn't end up parenting him, I loved that little boy. He had me immediately from the first moment I saw C's 16 week baby bump.

It was time. September 2nd would be the day we would either be told it was over- this match officially failed- or the day that our lives would turn completely around and NEVER EVER be the same. I want to be completely transparent and say that my weak and wounded self did not believe Isaac would be our son that day. I spent the morning packing up bottles, putting away perfectly folded clothes and blankets. Stocking the diapers away deep in the closet to be used at some time.


The text message alert went off on my phone. I was lying down trying to nap away the obvious stress and sadness when I saw "Isaac is all yours". Insert hyperventilation. He is what? All mine (ours)?! Everything moved very quickly from there. My casework called and congratulated me and said all the relinquishments were signed. The-what-uh-who? "Your son is coming home today" she said. BLANK. My mind went BLANK. I hung up with her and called my husband.

My husband is my rock. When I'm flipping out like no like me can do, he brings me down to earth. I needed him to teleport but since that technology isn't invented, he drove home fast. As he walked in the door, Declan's birthparents were right behind them.

I will never forget C's eyes. It was obvious she had been crying-for awhile. T looked tired and emotional too. The thing that was most amazing was that they tried to be so strong and have such a good attitude. They filled us in that he needed to eat, he had a bath hours before so he was ready to come home (insert bawling here) and that he was a super gassy guy.

I picked him up out of his borrowed car seat and he was wearing an outfit that was way too big. It was a gift from one of C's friends. I still have it tucked away today. I've kept everything she gave me. I feel so honored to be chosen and entrusted with this amazing gift. There is no greater gift.

Yes, my baby love was born August 25th but he was born in to our family on September 2nd and that means more than I'll ever be able to explain. It's my pregnancy story. It's my birth story. It's my story of heartache, pain, anger, love, confusion. Above all else, it's my story of LIFE. I knew very little about that sweet boy named Isaac who's car seat was set on my living room floor 1 year ago.

Now, this September 2nd, I can barely handle how much I love him. He's why I get out of bed in the morning. He's what I look forward to seeing when I get home from work. I oftentimes say (out loud) "I can't believe how much he loves me." Yes, you read that write. You hear over and over how much I love him and I do. But, I wasn't prepared for the feeling of being loved back. Declan knows I'm Mama. He loves me and hugs me and plays hide and seek at ever chance he gets. He squeals at my voice and runs over to me to hang on my legs. He smiles so hard he almost closed his eyes and belly laughs when I tickle him at just the right spot. He lays his head on my chest before his nap time and says "nigh nigh". He hysterically laughs when I make noises or scare him. I know this boy. I know and love him deeper than I thought was possible.

Yes, one year ago most definitely changed my life. That date- September 2nd- is what we celebrate. We celebrate because a courageous young couple decided to be selfless and make a plan for their son's life. They wanted better for him than what they can give. Praise God that we were deemed their choice for their son. I'm humbled.

Click to see our life 9.2.08:

And, our how-do-we-deserve-this-amazingness life now: