I won! I won!

Okay, so I didn't really win anything. I was nominated by my high school bestie for the "Kreativ Blogger" award. The rules are to post 7 things that others probably wouldn't know about you and then nominate 7 other bloggers for the award.

#1. My aforementioned bestie and I were really boy crazy in high school. What teenage girl wasn't? But, we had some serious crushes and rocked out to all the popular boy bands and a lot of Lauren.Hill. One of my main crushes was Rob.Thomas. Hmm. Not that cute- what was wrong with me?!

#2. I'm obsessed with photography. I've decided that I'm finally done sitting on the sidelines. I saved for and bought a sweeeet camera and even sweeter lens and start photography classes at the beginning of October. I've already done a couple "shoots" (though I feel like they've been over my head) and I can't wait to some day make a business out of this passion.

#3. Speaking of obsessions...have you tried the Reese's Big Cup? 'Nough said.

#4. I have a weird laundry thing. I don't like to wear things twice. Maybe I'll wear jeans twice but not usually. I've let this oddity effect Declan's wardrobe. He never wears things twice (including PJs). I am currently taking donations for a high efficiency front loader.

#5. I never wash my face at night. Nasty, huh? I need to get on a good skin care routine because I won't always have wrinkle-less skin. Do any of you out there love your skin care products?? I use Clin.ique make up and have for years but I'm open to some suggestions.

#6. I have some serious mad skills when it comes to old school Nin.tendo. Don't believe me? Ask my hardcore gamer husband how he did when we competed at Super.Mario.3.

#7. We started talking about number two. Yes, as in a sibling for Decs. It came out of nowhere...I've actually been feeling nervous for my pregnant friends (I can't imagine handling a newborn and Declan right now). Regardless, we've been dreaming of another adoption. We can't enter the waiting pool until Declan is 2 and then who knows how long we'll wait. I'm at least getting excited though it's uber far off.

I'm feeling a little lazy at the moment so I won't sift through my fav blogs and nominate. So, if you feel like it, post 7 things about yourself. Consider yourself nominated. ;)


Tracey said...

My sister is the same way about laundry and clothes...a little obsessive....the clothes wear out quicker when you're washing them so much. She even does it with bath towels. I don't think you're the only one!

PS...love the Reese's Big Cup!!!!

LaceFace said...

Haha, don't be ashamed of the Rob Thomas thing, I dig him too! Something about a man who can sing!

Rebekah said...

I bought the camera, lenses, and took classes too! It's definitely a slow learn....but it's SO much fun!

Oh, and Ty doesn't wear anything more than once!