Our world has been so busy lately! This past weekend was much anticipated in our household. Curious the big event?? Opening of college football season, of course. Declan is being raised in the most honorable way- as a Husker!! Go Big Red!!
Here's Declan teaching his buddy Luke some bad habits at the football party:
We got to spend some time celebrating my big 2-8 with family. Declan loves his Papa:
Decs finally got to meet his great grandparents who live in New York. They've been amazing support through all our adoption madness.
Good times with daddy and cousin Ella:
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My always-making-a-mess toddler taking his nightly bath. We use to give him a bath nightly for the sake of routine but now it's necessary.
Tonight we went to Barnes&Noble to pick up some parenting books. Declan is such a sweet kid but he's starting to get a little defiant and I see a storm on the horizon. We got Happiest Toddler on the Block because we had good luck with Happiest Baby on the Block when he was a newborn. I went a little nuts and got 2 of James Dobson's books that I had heard good things about: The Strong-Willed Child and Bringing Up Boys. Reviews to come!! I have all the time in the world to read so I'll have my reviews up in a day or two (ahem- a month or two).
(Why did this paragraph all get underlined??? Hmmm...)


Simply Complex said...

Now that you are 28, update your profile. I said, NOW. Just kidding. Really, take your time.

Pretty sure that he just keeps getting more adorable. Bad habits and all.

BrandiH2007 said...

With a face like that I can just imagine what he gets away with! Can't wait to hear about the books.

Stefan, Sarah and Lukka said...

bringing up boys is great---although we watched the video seminar instead of read the book.
Love the playroom, too :)
Sarah M

E said...

Awwww...great pictures!

Amber said...

aww what adorable pics and hope the books have some great info:)

KimboSue said...

We also had good luck with Happiest Baby on the Block so let me know how the Toddler version goes! He is just so stinking cute!