Doing what I can to prepare for IVF

I'm back on the "eating really good" bandwagon. I'm so on again/off again about it. My hubby and I eat good most the time, but when we're splurging, we're definitely splurging. So this week I started Weight Watchers. So far, so good. I think it's a really balanced way of eating. I've been doing bouts of South Beach Diet so Weight Watchers feels so liberal. Getting more consistent with exercise is another story. For me, it couldn't be more convenient. We have a really nice home gym in the basement. So, why the heck do I avoid it like the flu? Hmmm. It's an ongoing battle. I'll keep ya updated.


Ok, I got it, I got it...

My digital pregnancy test said "NOT PREGNANT". Ok jerk, I knew I wasn't but my RE insisted I take it to be "sure". Surprisingly, I'm not upset. Not mad. I'm ok with it. Come on, AF, let's get going so I can order drugs and get re-focused on my first round of IVF. I think I need to stop reading about egg retrieval b/c it's freaking me out. I always barf my brains out when I get general anesthesia, so that's all I can think about. Hmmm. I need to get a life.


Just when I start to feel normal again...

...I feel like I'm going crazy. Here's the story: the Thursday before Thanksgiving I was told that I had almost 40 mature eggs (and this was on an IUI cycle, NOT in vitro). So we decided to cancel the cycle and I started BCPs that day. We were told not to touch each other for 2 weeks. No biggie, right? Well, on Thanksgiving one thing let to another and we broke the rules. So over the weekend, I had a few twingey moments which I assumed had to do with my follies shrinking back down. On Tuesday, we were at the mall and decided to get dinner. We ordered orange chicken and sat down to eat. Right as we began eating, I became grossed out and could smell a huge vinegar smell. My hubby said "are you pregnant"? I didn't think much of it.

On Thursday that same week, I was out showing a house to a client of mine and she said "Can I ask you something a little weird?" I said "of course." and She said "are you pregnant"? I was totally floored and this client proceeded to tell me she's always been really intuitive and has strong feelings when people around her are pregnant.

I left our showing very flustered and not sure what to do. Right now, I'm on BCPs and Ambien. Not to mention, I haven't been restricting alcohol or caffeine. So, after talking to a girlfriend, I called my RE in Omaha. She said it was a very small chance that I was pregnant and to continue on my current meds and take a pregnancy test this weekend. If it's positive, call them.

So now my mind is bouncing in between "could I be pregnant...is this a miracle?" and "you are so hormonal b/c of all the drugs you've been given...and there is no way you're pregnant!" Today is Sunday and I didn't make it a priority to get a pregnancy test so I guess I might go get one and take it Monday.

Ahhh, my crazy life. All I can do is hang on and see what happens....