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Last weekend we met my parents, brother, sister-in-law and kiddos (who Declan is obsessed with) at a smaller local pumpkin patch. It's our favorite spot because it's big enough that you are entertained for hours but not so huge that you're overwhelmed. It was a bit chilly but we had a blast!


...and the winner is...

The winner of the $50 Tiny Print credit is:


Congrats, Corinne. I love your name and your two card choices. ;) Please email me at ashleyhustad@hotmail.com and I'll get you your code.

Thanks for playing, folks.


sweet boy

 sweet boy asked me today when he was going to get
a baby sister. 

he prays for her nightly.

not sure who this baby girl is yet (yes, I know we could get a boy)
but I love Declan's confidence that it's soon.  

we hope so too, my little man. 

Boy cracks me up!

We swung by the new house after church today. It's fun to walk around and dream about times to come. Today, Declan informed me where the video games are going to go (he's obsessed...we moderate, don't worry). He wanted a picture of his chosen location and wanted daddy by him. As soon as I got my camera out, he was in constant motion. This was the outcome of his requested picture op:
HA! Cracks me up. Bonus points for Mark's face. ;)

Can't win them all...

I was SO looking forward to the Governor's Cup this year. It was my first 5k last year and held a lot of significance for me. I've never thought I could run but this race made me think otherwise. 

I was nervous about the heat! It was to be over 80 degrees today and the race was at 3pm. I've been training in 40-60 degree weather recently. It was barely 45 degrees when I pushed Declan for 3 miles yesterday morning. Speaking of the little monkey, he came to cheer me on today:
 Before the race with Sara (my running partner). I had "talked up" the race so much. We were already roasting before it began:
My friend Linda met us there. She is my runspiration. Girlfriend doesn't mess around! I ran in to her at church this morning and mentioned not having a wick away t-shirt and she dropped one by in my mailbox so that I could keep nice and cool. What a fab friend! Twinsies:
Well, stories don't always end the way you plan them to. Instead of having  sweet personal best at my run-aversary, I had a PW (personal worst). But, I will say that my running partner was feeling sick and I couldn't leave her behind. She stuck with me through heat stroke at the Color Run. That's what friends do! Here we are in the home stretch:
 No "after" pics this year. Just a thankfulness that it's OVER. Ha! Thanks to the Browns, Mark + Decs and my in-laws Gus & Janie for the encouragement. It was all needed/wanted/appreciated. ;)


It's that time of year.....

Yep. It's that time. Time for me to completely obsessed over our Christmas cards. Oh, you don't start obsessing until November? Lucky. Last year I used Tiny Prints for our Christmas cards.  I could not have been happier. The options are endless and the quality is top notch. We even picked our clothing choices to match the font! (Crazy, much?!) Here are the ones that stand out to me this year:

1. I love the boldness yet simplicity of this one:
2. I love the tri-fold because you can talk a bit about the highlights of the year and fit in more pics:
3. Ah,  chevron, I love you! A kelly green chevron at that!
 4. This feels so simple and keeps the focus of Christmas right where it should be:
 5. Fun colors and a good chance for extra photos!
6.  Another simple card with a bold reminder why we celebrate:
7.  Love the muted colors and text to the left:
Now...how to decide??! I have a great idea. In the comment section, tell me you TWO favorite cards of these I've picked as finalist. Please comment by October 29th. I'll randomly choose a winner and you'll receive $50.00 off your total order at Tiny Prints!! Holla!!

Please note that this is a sponsored post.


Fall : Soccer :

Last year was our first soccer season. Freshly turned 3, Declan had a hard time concentrating and following directions. This season, at a hearty age 4, Declan still had a hard time concentrating and following directions. Hey, there is always Fall Soccer 2013?! This picture sums things up perfectly:
 The thing is, when he decided he wanted to play, he was awesome! Scoring a goal:
A victory dance, always. Ahhhhh crazy boy.
Thanks for all the support Papa, Nana, Grandpa, Grandma and Aunt Kellie!

Punkin' Patch

In surrounding areas there are several small pumpkin patches. Then, there is the crazy motherload of all patches called Valas. We've avoided it in the past because it's enormo and Declan's attention span is minimal. This was our year and we had an absolute blast! I didn't take many pics because it was activity to activity. So thankful my sister-in-law and brother-in-law and kiddos joined us. Lasting memories!
 Declan and cousin Evie
Jess and I:
 sweet baby Keller:
 Vala's 2012:
 ....and he's out!
 It's definitely going on the "traditions" list!!! We will still be visiting our other favorite patch in a couple weekends. I love all things Fall!!!