Time to dump some Instagram pics or they will never make it off my phone!
Someone's excited about the new house:
 Looking forward to such fun times in this basement!
 There is a new Sam's Club near us and Declan loves all the big boxes we get these days. This day? Grape box turned bed:
 Mark carried Declan like this for awhile. So fun. I just love Daddy+Kiddo moments:
 Decs and Nana reading about the fruits of the spirit:
 Just a little screaming game. AAAAH.
 I will not reveal how many strawberries we go through a week but it's redic.
 Dinner at Uncle Erik's restaurant.
 Fall time. Fun times. Cute clothes!
 For some reason this week I realized Declan is finally getting hard to pick up and carry. *sniff, sniff
 Rare, quiet moments.
 This past Friday, we got a sitter and had a date night touring the Parade of Homes (new construction). We are so cool these days. Ha! Not. We did swing by for some Froyo. Totally impressed with the optional dividers. Brill.
 I'm trying (emphasis on trying) to do my hair more these days. It's an issue, people. I like LOW maintenance. Anywho, curls it is.

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Simply Complex said...

I'm all for low maintenance as well. I used to think I would start to wear makeup and do my hair when I became an adult but I just recently realized that happened 14 years ago. I still don't even know "how" to put on makeup!