Can't win them all...

I was SO looking forward to the Governor's Cup this year. It was my first 5k last year and held a lot of significance for me. I've never thought I could run but this race made me think otherwise. 

I was nervous about the heat! It was to be over 80 degrees today and the race was at 3pm. I've been training in 40-60 degree weather recently. It was barely 45 degrees when I pushed Declan for 3 miles yesterday morning. Speaking of the little monkey, he came to cheer me on today:
 Before the race with Sara (my running partner). I had "talked up" the race so much. We were already roasting before it began:
My friend Linda met us there. She is my runspiration. Girlfriend doesn't mess around! I ran in to her at church this morning and mentioned not having a wick away t-shirt and she dropped one by in my mailbox so that I could keep nice and cool. What a fab friend! Twinsies:
Well, stories don't always end the way you plan them to. Instead of having  sweet personal best at my run-aversary, I had a PW (personal worst). But, I will say that my running partner was feeling sick and I couldn't leave her behind. She stuck with me through heat stroke at the Color Run. That's what friends do! Here we are in the home stretch:
 No "after" pics this year. Just a thankfulness that it's OVER. Ha! Thanks to the Browns, Mark + Decs and my in-laws Gus & Janie for the encouragement. It was all needed/wanted/appreciated. ;)

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