This summer so far has been a total blast. Excited for memories yet to come.


Mark and I had our 13th Anniversary this past Monday. We celebrated by hosting a Memorial Day BBQ. It was perfection.

We are in such good place. We tag team like a boss and are on the same page with little and crazy big things. No marriage is perfect but I'm pretty dang thrilled we get to figure out this life together. 

Here's to 13 more...

Zoo Day

Little brother and little sister joined us for zoo trip....5 kids ages 7 and under. It was crazy, fun, overwhelming and exhausting. Ha!


On January 21st, I met a fellow foster mom to get an anchor tattoo representing the hope this journey has required. The day before, our boy's parents relinquished their rights. Had they not made that decision, I really believe the same outcome would have been reached at the upcoming TPR trial- but we had an unpredictable judge so that was not guaranteed. Regardless, there was something deeper that came for me with them choosing to stop fighting and let the boys be adopted. I can't image the pain and sorrow that came with that decision. 

Hope did anchor my soul. Many times over. 


It was so touching to dedicate the boys surrounded by family and friends. A moment I've dreamed about for a long time. All my emotions from the previous days spilled over holding my youngest son during worship. His little hands wrapped around my neck and his head on my shoulder...this is the family we have prayed and hoped for. So thankful.