Adoption Update

more paperwork.
made profile for birthmothers to look at (hello stressful).
big meeting on Friday in Omaha.
more to come...thanks for caring...


Sticky Chicken

I ate dinner at my parent's house tonight. My dad made his famous BBQ chicken (affectionately called sticky chicken by my 4 year old niece and 2 year old nephew). Half way through dinner my niece looked at me with her big adorable eyes and said "Aunt Ashley, are you EVER going to have a daughter???" I told her I'd love to have a son or daughter and that me and her Uncle Mark are working on it! I wanted to cry and it might have made for an awkward moment for my parents. They totally understand, though. I told her that we were going to adopt a baby which means that a baby grows in our hearts and not my tummy. She smiled and shook her head and kept eating. No further explanations need. :) Gosh, I love those kids...


I had a friend...

*DISCLAIMER* If you are a family member or friend who has said any of the things to me that I'm addressing below, please know that I'm not mad at you or offended by your comments. This adoption process is very new and my emotions and beliefs will grow and change as we continue in the process of adopting.

With that said, here is the issue I feel like I have to address:

I can't count how many times I've heard "I have a friend that started the adoption process and got pregnant!". While this is all and good, I find myself wrestling with those "success stories". For me, ultimate success isn't getting pregnant. Success is being blessed with a child whether that is from my womb or grown in love in a birthmother's womb. Either way this child will be ours and will be loved unconditionally despite their DNA make up.

I'm certainly not angry at people that get pregnant during their adoption process. For us, even though we have fertility problems and wouldn't likely get pregnant naturally, we are choosing to stay on birth control while being approved, matched and waiting for our little miracle. There is A LOT that goes in to the approval process...for us and the agency and we want to respect the journey. And, above all, we are SO THRILLED to be building our family through adoption. It is something we discussed when we were only dating as clueless teenagers. Of course I always pictured getting pregnant with 1 or 2 biological children first but often times our plans aren't God's plans for our lives.

*stepping down off my soapbox*


Like my new look???

After about 2 frick frackin' hours of creating, deleting, re-creating and ending up with what I originally started with, I have a new blog header!!! I've always secretly wanted to be a graphic designer so I'm mildly proud of myself. Oh ok, I'm a little excited!! Whatta ya think??


Picture perfect...

So this weekend was great for the most part. Mark and I had a blast @ the baseball game on Saturday. We just love going to sporting events and the environment at Haymarket Park and Memorial Stadium here in Lincoln can't be beat. We arrived almost 2 hours before the game to buy the leftover tickets from the players. The game had been sold out all week. There was a pretty long line but we ended up getting seats in the 2nd row behind the catcher. Talk about a good view! (not the catcher, but the players up to bat and stuff) Here's a look from where we sat:

Mark was feeling good (thank you, antibiotics) and I forced him to take a picture with me:


The dogs loved the weather too. Mark took them on a very long walk around Holmes Lake while I worked today. They were pooped out as shown below:


*I have serious picture posting problems...either they're ginormous or tiny. If you can help me, let me know!*


Hurry up and wait.

Mark and I had pretty much decided on what agency we were going to adopt through. But, within 1 week, 3 people contacted us about a different agency that we should look in to. I emailed them from their website to request an appointment last Saturday. Here I sit, 6 days later with NO RESPONSE. I called a couple times this week and apparently the gal that handles the requests for info is out sick. I'm trying to be laid back about it but wouldn't an agency like someone to check messages and get back to those who are requesting info on their services?? If we went through them we would be spending a large amount of money and would expect a professional, caring experience. Hmm. I know I'm totally impatient. I need to take a pill and chill.

I avoided being at the house today because Mark is home sick with major bad strep throat. So, I had a bunch of work appointments and then had a massage (it was divine...I go ever 2 weeks for sanity) and then got my first pedicure of the warmer weather season with my bestie. WOOT!!!! I know it's a total chick thing but it just feels so fabulous to have nice, groomed toes that are painted a pretty color. I'm lovin' it!

I'm super pumped for tomorrow because my sick husband and I are going to hit downtown for lunch and then go see the Huskers beat Texas Tech in baseball. Get this---it's forecasted to be 70 degrees!! Yes, the flip flops will be dusted off for this joyous occasion (and, yes, the toes are painted husker red). :) :)