Picture perfect...

So this weekend was great for the most part. Mark and I had a blast @ the baseball game on Saturday. We just love going to sporting events and the environment at Haymarket Park and Memorial Stadium here in Lincoln can't be beat. We arrived almost 2 hours before the game to buy the leftover tickets from the players. The game had been sold out all week. There was a pretty long line but we ended up getting seats in the 2nd row behind the catcher. Talk about a good view! (not the catcher, but the players up to bat and stuff) Here's a look from where we sat:

Mark was feeling good (thank you, antibiotics) and I forced him to take a picture with me:


The dogs loved the weather too. Mark took them on a very long walk around Holmes Lake while I worked today. They were pooped out as shown below:


*I have serious picture posting problems...either they're ginormous or tiny. If you can help me, let me know!*

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