12 months! Whaaaaat?!

Where does the time go? No seriously, where'd it go? I feel like life has been in fast forward but I also can't remember life PD (pre-Decs). 

This last month I've realized toddler-hood is right around the corner!
*Decs walks everywhere without falling too much. He's still a toe walker. Any tips on helping him overcome this goofy habit?? I don't want him to be "that guy" in high school still toe walking (you know you know someone who was!)
*He's so interactive...he loves to play hide n seek and understands games like "I'm going to get you" (i.e. chasing him). 
*Decs is blabbing like crazy. The only words I understand are mama, dada, and nana. I swear he's started to repeat "night, night" but the jury is still out on that.

This next stage in life intimidates me a bit. I'm pretty sure Declan is still milk protein intolerant. I gave him a yogurt today (his first real dose of anything dairy) and his butt got the worst rash I've ever seen on him. Not sure what we do but our 1 year appointment is Friday and I'm anticipating trying soy products. What I'm definitely NOT looking forward to is getting rid of the bottle, weaning off the paci and trying to figure out 2 naps to 1. So many changes! 

Speaking of changes, here's my nugget as a 10 day old:

...and at nearly 1 year old:

Here's to another amazing year with an outrageously fabulous little man. We can't wait to see what's next in your ever-changing world.



Deep breaths. My son's first birthday party is over. Sniff sniff. Today was a blast. The weather was beautiful, Declan destroyed his cake in the most adorable way possible, and we were surrounded by family and great friends. Ahh! We love this kid!! Happy first, my love.


Cake Smash!

Sunday is Declan's 1st birthday party. I seriously feel like he was a 2 month old last week. Time most definitely feels like it's going in fast forward. As part of my it's-starting-to-get-out-of-control party planning, I wanted to do a cake smash photo shoot. Fortunately I found a great photographer, Natalie at Shay Chic Photography, who was up to the challenge. Here's a peek at our time together:

Now that most of the details of the party are in place I hope that things go smoothly. Declan woke up with a runny nose and is a bit of crab apple today so I'm hoping he's not getting sick just in time for the big day. *fingers crossed*

A little preview of our plans:
~The party is at a "spraypark" which is a good thing...the forecast is 90 degrees and sunny
~Our theme is "mod dots"...you'll have to see the pictures. :)
~I stole my bestie's idea that she used at her son's bday party and took a pic from every couple of months that I'll displaying some cute- yet undetermined- way.
~I made a "1" shirt and a tie shirt for him to sport like the stud he is.

We feel so blessed to have such an amazing son and can't wait to celebrate his first year of life!!



I must confess that I spent $20 on our recent Seattle vacation purchasing an outfit simply for a photo op. How could I possibly pass up this little gem:
It's an ode to the many nicknames given to our sweet son. Though we've called him Decs and Deckers many times, never have we been creative enough to call him Poop Deck (until now).

So here is the first and last time Declan will sport a romper:


Because Chip.otle is just that good...

We agree little man, we agree. Our son loves black beans, pork and rice from Chip.otle and I can survive solely on their guacamole for years.  A perfect combination. 


Good times all around

This vacation is aaa-mazing. We've been doing so much- not all of which will make it in to this blog tonight because, honestly, my tummy is full of thai food and my PJs are on and I'm about to zone off soon. Relaxation nation.

Last night we had the best sushi I've ever tasted. All the seafood here has been incredible. I think it's because I'm used to the subpar seafood shipped to the midwest. Here's the good stuff:

My sister-in-law and I. She's 18 weeks pregnant and adorable.

The brothers. Can you tell? My hubby on the left and his brother on the right.

We took in a little put-put golf. It was a fun course to make fun of the entire 18 holes. It was the crappiest kept course I've ever been on...beer cans everywhere, overgrown vegetation, sewage filled "ponds", etc. Ha! Good times, regardless. I did get the only hole-in-one of the night but I also happened to come in 4th place (last for those who wondered).

Here we are dominating at put-put :). Sweatshirts in August? Yes sir...in Seatte.

And if we couldn't jam more activities in to one day, we also hit happy hour at this funky restaurant called Matidor.  One of the perks of Decs staying home is not caring about time. Drinks at 11pm?? Sure thing. Mariokart until 1am? Sounds good.

Our friends and fellow Nebraskans Ben & Whitney joined us for drinks. Here's the girlies. That may or may not have been me starting my 2nd margarita.

Today we went back to Pike Place Market because it's just that cool. I love culture and this city drips and culture at every turn. We ate a delicious lunch (the food theme in our vacation is starting to get embarrassing). Here are some pics from the market. I love my new camera and the details I can capture. The fresh produce and straight out bizarre attractions were great to practice my novice skills. 

Yes, it's a mid air fish catching shot. Sweeeet.

One of the most interesting, disgusting and coolest things we saw today was the gum wall.

Oh, and we totally participated. :)

Today we headed over to the mall to get a long sleeved something or other because I've been wearing my GAP green zip up that's 5 years old and falling apart for 4 days because it's so chilly. Anywho, we found a couple cute things and enjoyed, yes, another delicious dinner. Thank goodness we're walking A LOT so I don't have to buy an extra seat on the way home to accommodate vacation weight gain.

And, just because it's rad, here's a sign we saw down town: