Let the madness begin (again)

Today was my baseline ultrasound and first shot. I can't believe I willingly stepped on the emotional roller coaster again. I hate roller coasters....real ones and emotional ones. I think the doctors sit at home at night laughing at all the drugs we inject. Not really, but basically for the next 3 weeks my body is no longer my own.

So I just shot up. :) It was the first time I gave myself a shot and Mark was sitting there saying "be strong...it might hurt a little but you can do it...do it..DO IT." So I shoved that needle in my stomach with my eyes practically closed. I wouldn't recommend it. Funny thing- it didn't hurt that bad. I think I have the "shooting up" courage now that the first one is over.

I was shocked to find out at the doctors today that the drugs I bought are only a 4 day supply. I'll have to purchase more on Monday when I go in for my next ultrasound. Each vile is $475. Woot. Not. I'm estimating over $2,000 for each cycle on this new drug. Ultrasounds and blood work will be near $1,500 per cycle. Insemination is almost $500. Yikes. Breaking it down like that hurts my brain (and our bank account). I hope with all that I am that we get pregnant this cycle. I REALLY don't want to do another cycle.

Ironic story,,,
I met a client of mine in Omaha after I was done with my RE. She is 8 months pregnant with a surprise baby (she was newly engaged when she found out she was expecting). I told her where I had been and she had the typically "awwwww...." response (the "I feel bad for you and I'm glad I don't have to go through that" response). She told me I could rub her belly and get pregnant through osmosis. I smiled and fake laughed. Hell, if that worked, I would have rubbed the bellies of all my friends who have gotten pregnant, had their babies, and are starting to think about having another. The comment rolled off my back much better than it would have 1 year ago.

All right, follicles, grow. But not too fast and not too many of you. If only 3 or 4 of you respond, that'd be great. Twins would work. Trips would freak me the heck out. All for now..


Anonymous said...

Praying for you like crazy.

-Your Seattle Sister

BecMama said...

Praying for you friend! Come visit next time you're in Omaha. We're slowly getting moved in.