stupid winter weather

There are several warnings regarding the weather tomorrow. That's not usually a big deal because I live in Nebraska and we have crappy weather all the time. BUT my big appointment with my new endocrinologist is at 8am an hour away tomorrow. Boo. Dear wintery weather, please go away.


My dad drove me to my appointment today. I think it's because I told him I might lose motivation to deal with all this infertility crap and he wants more grand babies. It was a good thing he did...the interstate was horrible and we saw multiple accidents. When we finally got home I checked the weather and apparently we're getting more snow for a total of 5-7 inches. Arg. I'm moving to Texas (in my mind).

My new RE is soooo nice. He's more laid back and the office staff was fabulous. I was so taken back by nice everyone was. It made me realize that you don't have to be total a**holes in that field (that was always my excuse). My RE is switching me to a new drug. I'll be taking folli.stim instead of repro.nex. It's much more expensive but easier to use. Plus, I think it's great we're trying something new and different with my body. He also has no problem with me continuing to work out during the shots. He said to just listen to my body and it's boundaries. Woot! I surprised when they said it was time to draw blood and do an ultrasound. I was unprepared to have an ultrasound (ahem...no shaving for a few days...too much info I'm sure). The gal that did it laughed and told me she's worked at some clinics where people don't shower for days and then have to get an US. So, I didn't feel too bad. Shockingly, my left ovary didn't look polycystic. Hmm. What the heck!

So at this point I just have to finish out my BC pills and then I'm on my way to my new protocol. I'm giving this whole shots/IUI thing 2 more chances to work. We'll see what happens... Stay tuned...

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Joy said...

Positive news! That's great! I'm glad you found a new dr. Hopefully this fresh perspective and new drug will be the key. Thanks for keeping us updated, we're rooting for you!