Got the drugs!!! Woot!

So my new drugs showed up today. I'll be using folli.stim which is pretty much a pen that is loaded with the drugs and I'll just dial my dose and attach a little bitty needle and insert it in to my stomach. Here is what I found when I opened the box:


What a pleasant change from the ginormous almost 2 inch needles that I had to shoot up with before. I also had to mix my own drugs before injecting with the Repr.onex. My husband would have to do the shots too because it had to be injected in my bum. Not very comfortable to say the least. Here is a picture I took the first day of shots way back early 2007:


I only have a couple more weeks of birth control and then I get to start shooting up again. Yay.


Megan said...

I never thought I would hear you get so excited about giving yourself a shot! ;)

I'm so glad that the new RE seems to be everything the last one wasn't.

Keep us updated!

Ashley said...

Yeah, we have to celebrate the small stuff, huh? I'm really positive about my new RE!!!