Splish to the Splash

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budding photographer

So when today's haircut started with this look, I knew some good distraction was in order. 
Thus, I handed over my trusty little digital camera.
Declan is a natural. :)



biker babe and dudes

We've been talking about it since last summer but finally make the jump. We're a biking family!!
I'll spare you all the details of our first ride (which was complete with my dad rescuing us- I didn't know not eating+ 90 degrees+ a hilly trail= heat stroke...whoops).
I snapped a quick picture at the park Saturday night. We had just ridden to a neighborhood grocery store and loaded up the back of the Bur.ley with groceries.  When biking by the park Declan started yelling "swiiiiing, weeee" so we had to stop. Good times. 


Father's Day 2010

I'm so insanely blessed by these two boys.
Mark is the most involved, loving, playful, generous and patient father.
Happy Father's Day, 2010, babe.


Finding Contentment

Today, I'm struggling to find contentment in the place we have called home for 5 years. 

Two weeks ago, this house was completely packed and ready to be moved to our new dream home. 
A day before the scheduled move we found out that our closing had fallen through.
I expected to be crushed, hysterical, devastated. 
BUT, instead we both had a peace that only God can give.

The game plan is to wait a year and re-list our home and start the search over again. Fortunately God holds the map, it's just our job to follow His lead. That's the hard part for sure.  (I've been watching too much Dora with Decs because after re-reading this for errors, I can't get the song "he's the map, he's the map, he's the map" out of my head- yikes).

[moving right along]

So, I thought to pull myself out of depression pump myself up, I would take this blog space to list some of my favorite things about my home:

-I love our neighborhood: old homes, brick streets, great parks.
-I love our big front porch.
-I love the big open living and dining room.
-I love the swinging door on the kitchen and other old details of the 1920s. 
-I love that we have wood floors in our entire house as well as wood french doors on the office turned playroom and big wood trim all throughout.
-I love our 10 foot ceilings.
-I love Declan's nursery. The perfect shade of chocolate brown. Doors on 2 sides so you can enter from the office or hall. Oh, and the one small spot that DOESN'T squeak for night time rocking. 
-I love that we bought it as a foreclosure and worked our booties off to make it nice again. 

So as I continue to be at peace with our failed closing, my heart still needs to be jolted every once and awhile to see what we DO have and not what we're missing. Easier said than done, but I'm game.


Roasty Toasty

It's so HOT here in Nebraska. Oh, and the humidity is pretty unforgiving too. 
Fortunately, there's water tables for the days you don't want to schlep to pool or spray park.
I think he likes it.


Adoption Day

Happy Adoption Day to this immeasurable blessing:
If you want to hear about our day in court June 2nd, 2009 click here.

As the question from the judge, so simple yet so intense, plays in my mind: "do you love this little boy?", my heart still screams "more and more and more every day". 

Happy Adoption Day #2, Deckers. We'll be spoiling you with a party soon.

Chop, Chop

The first hot day that Declan got soaked with sweat I decided it was time.
Time for the chop.
I was nervous and sad to see the long hair go but he'll be much cooler in our high heat and high humidity climate. 

My good friend and cousin-in-law did the chopping:
He looks like a big boy here:
"Do I realllly need hair gel?"
Donezo! Who took my toddler and gave me this 3 year old?