biker babe and dudes

We've been talking about it since last summer but finally make the jump. We're a biking family!!
I'll spare you all the details of our first ride (which was complete with my dad rescuing us- I didn't know not eating+ 90 degrees+ a hilly trail= heat stroke...whoops).
I snapped a quick picture at the park Saturday night. We had just ridden to a neighborhood grocery store and loaded up the back of the Bur.ley with groceries.  When biking by the park Declan started yelling "swiiiiing, weeee" so we had to stop. Good times. 


Kellie said...

Hey Ashley,
I love your blog and you are such a beautiful family! I have since stopped blogging (Life & Adoption!), but I started a facebook page for all of us adoptive blogger mommies, so we can connect and share some valuable info as we raise our little ones! I would love to invite you to the group. If you'd like an invite, please reply to my comment with your email and I'll send it right out!

Anonymous said...

Wooohooo! We love the bikes. We got some a few months ago (and then it turned 110 degrees.... so you know) and we LOVE it and R loves it!


Kris said...

So fun! Colin didn't use to like riding in his trailer and especially didn't like his bike helmet. Now he rides happily back there and waves to anything that moves. Today we did a 20 mile ride with him in tow. Enjoy!!

Pixie said...

That looks like lots of fun! Hope you all have lots of good weather for road trips!
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