Today, I celebrated 8 years of marriage with this handsome man. We kissed the 7th year goodbye as it was admittedly a hard one for us with job loss and other challenges. Regardless, we're closer than ever and can't wait to see what this 8th year brings.

I'm so thankful for his friendship, unconditional love and support that never ends. We love just living life together...the exciting and the mundane.

Babe, here's to 8 more!! Love you more than I could ever express.


[almost] Wordless Wednesday

Declan loves his "baby Evie" (his cousin) and I adore her too!



Paper pregnant, that is.

Nearly 1 year from the day we turned in papers, our home study is complete. The profile letter done. Our hearts are cautiously excited for #2.



A + D

Declan and his cousin Asher are 4 months apart and polar opposites. Decs is fearless, crazy, thick skinned, all over the place, follower. Asher is cautious, sensitive, thoughtful and a leader. It's an absolute blast to see them together. On Monday my bro-in-law and sis-in-law stole Declan for an impromptu zoo trip and lunch. This was mucho appreciated because I had a "door meets toe" incident that left me near worthless (I'll spare you the gory details). So many things about this picture from their zoo trip crack me up:
Aren't cousins the bestest? And, yes, I said "bestest"...it's a deeper, more meaningful version of "best".  My BIL's description of this pic: "Not sure what to think about this particular type of leadership tendency." HA!


It's all summed up.

Happy + silly + mischievous = Declan Isaac


Right now, I'm loving...

1. Shellac Manicures! Please tell me you've heard of the amazing creation called Shellac?! It's nail polish that looks nearly perfect for 2-3 weeks! I'm wearing my 3rd Shellac mani and pay about $15 ever 2 1/2 weeks for a polish change. I've been taking care of my own cuticles so I skimp on the whole mani and go for the cheaper polish change. Brill, I know.
2. The Voice. As an avid American Idol fan (though I'm about to give up since James and Casey got the boot) it's no surprise that I had to check out The Voice. Let me just say it's a breath of fresh air. I love the concept- people are chosen blindly by their vocal talent alone. Simple yet so new to an imagine driven society. Can't wait to keep watching.
3. The stroller bag. Last season we ditched the big stroller in favor of the lightweight and smaller umbrella stroller. Storage went out the window and I decided to get on Mr Google and look for a solution after zoo trip #1 of the year.  We've been thrilled with our stroller bag!! It easily attaches, holds both our cups, keys and cell phones. Last weekend at the Farmer's market we also stuffed it with fresh asparagus, kettle corn, a diaper, pack of wipes and D's sippy cup. Ours is a bit bigger than the one pictured. Love it!
4. Plato's Closet! How have I not shopped here before? It's gently used name brand clothing and I found GAP and Banana Republic jeans both with the original tags still on for fraction of the price! Gotta love a great deal.
5. Survivor. I'm not sure if I'm ashamed or not to admit this so I will: I've watched all 22 seasons over the last 11 years. This season, by far, was my fave! I love Boston Rob and Phillip was such a quack that those 2 just made it fabulous to watch. Yay for Boston Rob winning by a landslide tonight! Excited for the next season this Fall.


90 degrees?!

It was 90 degrees here today. May 9th. Spring. 90 degrees. Hot.
So, what to do? Sprinklers of course.


On our toes.

Our little man keeps us on our toes. He's energetic, passionate, hilarious, opinionated, happy.

So blessed.