...his intentions were good...

We were outside Friday playing and Declan declared he was going to get me a flower "just for Mommy, a big flower" (first missed clue). I was sure he was getting me a dandelion because he does it all the time. He rounded the corner and I realized he pulled up an entire daffodil plant. Whoops. He was so proud. Ha!

swing batta batta

It is unseasonably warm here. I can't help but love it. Who doesn't love sunshine on your face and warm air to play in? Yesterday the forecast was 80 and sunny so Mark and I checked the Husker.Baseball schedule to find they had a 2pm game. We grabbed our blanket, a purse full of snacks, and sunscreen and headed out. WHAT A BLAST! Decs danced around the berm entertaining the crowd and we cheered on our Huskers to a big win. GBR.

sweet cousins

We are so blessed to live by all Declan's cousins. Friday we met up with Jess and "baby Evie" (she's over 2, we've got to stop calling her that!)
This pretty lady has my next niece in her belly that I'm not-so-patiently waiting to meet in May:
Great company, yummy Chipot.le, fabulous weather. Perfect Friday.


Nana day!

My mom works for the Public School System so she gets time off for holidays and breaks. We love it when she has all the cousins over for a Nana day. Fun times!

painting rocks
 Ella & Decs: peas in a pod


Unseasonably warm these days = loads of time outside:

There goes the hair. Time for a summer cut {in March}.
 working on my Garmin tan....after 8 mile run Sat:
 my sweetie pie niece, Evie:
 sweet moments leaving church today:
 This is our first Spring at our new house (directly next door to our old house). I always adored this tree. Now, it's our tree!
 Little Deckers rocked his dentist appointment today: