Thawing out and warming up...

I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas!!! We enjoyed celebrating with our families despite the Nebraska Blizzard 2009. Seriously. It all started with an ice storm and then the skies parted and over a foot of snow was dropped on us just in time for Christmas (with terrible drifting over 8 feet in areas). Fortunately we made it to my brothers on Christmas for our annual shrimp gumbo feast. Streets are just now getting cleared (our side street is still horrible) and it felt great to get out today after being homebound.  We wore our PJs for days, ate tons of sweets, played Super Mario Bros on Wii and just spent time together as a family. It was worth the blizzard. Here are some pics of our Christmases .

Choo choo with cousin Asher (piano bench style)

Tearing in to a gift.

My precious boy looks so grown up!!

Decs had fun playing with cousins Ella and Shauny.

Nana and Papa got Decs a laptop like the one he obsesses about at their house. It was a hit.

We decided on some of our traditions. We are keeping our 3 present rule from last year (like the 3 wise men each brining 1 gift for baby Jesus). Last year we did something he needed, something he wanted and something to give away. This year I wasn't on top of giving something away- we want to adopt a family in subsequent years like we did last year.

Starting this year we did new pajamas for all. I want to extend it to all our nieces and nephews next year. We also bought Decs a Hallmark ornament. Mark's parents have done that every year (and still do). Mark loves his ornaments and we even have a smaller Hallmark tree for him to display them.

We're also doing a "in front of the tree" picture which isn't too original but I like the consistency of having one every year. I think that's all we established. It was fun to think of things for our little family--thanks also for all the suggestions!


December Photo Project :Day 24:

{playing wii with daddy}

O Holy Night

Please take a moment to watch Jennifer Hudson singing my all time favorite Christmas song. Tissues needed.



DYI photo project

My sister-in-law gave me the idea to make a name plaque for my other sister-in-law for Christmas. I procrastinated big time but finally headed out around town to snap pictures of different letters to choose from. I would say my SIL was pretty happy with it.  I think I might get addicted to this and do one for Declan to hang in his room and I may never give a boring wedding gift again. :)

December Photo Project :Day 21:

[daddy's sweater]


Christmas Traditions

I'm curious what sort of traditions you all do. Mark and I have been discussing what traditions to start as Declan gets older. So, go ahead now, share away. I look forward to getting some good ideas.

December Photo Project :Day 20:

We celebrated Christmas last night at my in-laws. It was fun to experience things through Declan's eyes. We topped the night off with eating cookie dough and playing a new game. I just *love* this time of year.

December Photo Project :Day 19:

{hugs from uncle andrew}


December Photo Project :Day 18:

I am so thankful for play group. Five boys running everywhere, great mamas and yummy food. Pre-Decs I didn't really "get" them, but now I totally do. Play group = a nibble of sanity.
I missed getting a picture of a good friend who visited with her sweet 2 month old little lady.



December Photo Project :Day 16:

{Daddy's home!!}

December Photo Project :Day 15:

To say "we've got a climber" barely describes it.
(I'm embarrassed that I posted this on a photo project b/c the quality is horrible- it's from my cell phone. Forgiveness fellow project do-ers.)



December Photo Project :Day 11:

{Ready to pounce}

December Photo Project :Day 10:

Too much food throwing took place at Grandpa and Grandma's last night. Too much that it was funny. Yes, there was spaghetti on the wall.