December Photo Project :Day 7:

Declan routinely throws his food on the ground but recently he's added saying "uh, oh" with this irresistible look. My broom and I are doomed to a 3-time-a-day date cleaning up after Mr. Adorable.


b harms said...

favorite image of yours to date.

unreal! well done friend! both in being a momma and a rockin' photog!

Kimbosue said...

Hmmmm...how can I get all this food on the floor and still look cute? Precious!

Christy said...

And he certainly is Mr. Adorable! We play the same game with Andy. He throws food on the floor, but Molly, our beagle, instantly cleans it up. It is much more noticeable at restaurants how much of a slob he is because they usually don't have packs of beagles roaming around to clean up. That being said, as soon as Andy starts dropping food on the floor is when we take away the tray and end the meal. Funny, but the dropping is happening much less frequently now.

However, with Mr. Adorable being so completely adorable I would totally be tempted to just let him keep dropping food as long as the cute looks keep up!

sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

He seriously IS Mr. Adorable!! What kind of camera are you using?? I need you to teach me how to take pictures! :)