Thawing out and warming up...

I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas!!! We enjoyed celebrating with our families despite the Nebraska Blizzard 2009. Seriously. It all started with an ice storm and then the skies parted and over a foot of snow was dropped on us just in time for Christmas (with terrible drifting over 8 feet in areas). Fortunately we made it to my brothers on Christmas for our annual shrimp gumbo feast. Streets are just now getting cleared (our side street is still horrible) and it felt great to get out today after being homebound.  We wore our PJs for days, ate tons of sweets, played Super Mario Bros on Wii and just spent time together as a family. It was worth the blizzard. Here are some pics of our Christmases .

Choo choo with cousin Asher (piano bench style)

Tearing in to a gift.

My precious boy looks so grown up!!

Decs had fun playing with cousins Ella and Shauny.

Nana and Papa got Decs a laptop like the one he obsesses about at their house. It was a hit.

We decided on some of our traditions. We are keeping our 3 present rule from last year (like the 3 wise men each brining 1 gift for baby Jesus). Last year we did something he needed, something he wanted and something to give away. This year I wasn't on top of giving something away- we want to adopt a family in subsequent years like we did last year.

Starting this year we did new pajamas for all. I want to extend it to all our nieces and nephews next year. We also bought Decs a Hallmark ornament. Mark's parents have done that every year (and still do). Mark loves his ornaments and we even have a smaller Hallmark tree for him to display them.

We're also doing a "in front of the tree" picture which isn't too original but I like the consistency of having one every year. I think that's all we established. It was fun to think of things for our little family--thanks also for all the suggestions!


BB said...

What brand is that laptop? I am looking for one for my niece because she is obsessed with her mom's laptop and can't find one I like...

Patti said...

I love the traditions, and I plan on stealing a few ;)

Shrimp gumbo is awesome, do you have a Louisiana-n in your crew?

I love the day-after-Christmas-PJ-hang-out-fest, we did it as well, and I'm thinking that will become a tradition of its own!

Ashley said...

Hey Bri....I'll check on that for ya!

Patti...the gumbo is a 20 year tradition in my family. We're from Texas...close enough to LA. :)

Kayla Joy said...

love the christmas traditions. It's fun to think about starting a family and combining family traditions to fit your own family. Love your ideas, and love the family God has given you. And you're right--Declan is starting to look so OLD!

happymomof2 said...

Hey we have several family traditions- sorry I didn't post this sooner. Either my mom or I purchase all the grandkids matching pj's for a picture in front of their Christmas tree- she often uses these pictures for their Christmas card. Another tradition is Christmas morning breakfast usually is stuff not so good for you like muffins and stollen (a YUMMY German bread). Before we all start eating we light a candle put it in one of the muffins (or if both kiddos want a candle in two muffins) and sing Happy Birthday to Jesus. I have been trying to go to Midnight Mass since our oldest was born but it seems to never work out:( but one of these days I want that to become a tradition- I use to do it growing up. Glad that you all had a great Christmas and are safe with all that crazy weather- send us some snow in Kentucky:) I LOVE snow but some years we barely get any:(

Anonymous said...

Ashley, you MUST do Elf on the Shelf. We just did it this year but I wish I would have known about it sooner.

Our elf was kind of ornery (as the child gets older) and tp'd our christmas tree, hung from the ceiling fan, lots of fun stuff.

Highly recommend.