Christmas Traditions

I'm curious what sort of traditions you all do. Mark and I have been discussing what traditions to start as Declan gets older. So, go ahead now, share away. I look forward to getting some good ideas.


Rebekah Wilson said...

Each person in our family gets an ornament every year. My mom bought me one every year and she is still the person to do so. When I got married, she gave them all to me, except my first christmas ornament. She said she earned that ;) So each one of my kiddos gets an ornament. It is exciting because my daughter is now 2.5 and was able to pick out her own this year. I love going through the ornaments as we hang them and remember each year through ornaments :)

Erin said...

We play games on Christmas eve as a family while munching on yummy appetizers, listening to Christmas music and enjoying the candlelight and lights on the tree. The tradition started with dominos and whoever won got to open a present!

This year we hope to continue the tradition even though we won't be home celebrating with our parents.

Tracey said...

1. Drive around town on Christmas Eve to look at lights.
2. Every year he'll get a new ornament.

Patti said...

-We have one of those calendars that has a chocolate behind each door, one for each day of Dec. Jeb LOVES it.
-We have a book called A Story a Day 'til Christmas, so we read a story every day of December.
-We'll make amd decorate sugar cookies to put out for Santa.
-We've been baking a ton, and gifting treats to neighbors and family.
-We watch Charlie Brown and The Grinch as a family.
-Husband and I make a date out of shopping for Jeb. So.Much.Fun.

Jess said...

-We get the kids an ornament each year so that they can have a full tree when they move out.
-Christmas Jammies for the kids
-Cookies, of course
-Candlelight service on Christmas Eve
-Christmas movies
-Reading Christmas books, but esp The Night Before Christmas popup
-Asking whose birthday it is so the kids answer "Baby Jeeeesus!" or "God's!!" :)

Anonymous said...

We have a lot!
*new pajamas for everyone for Christmas eve/morning
*drive around to see lights on Christmas eve
*church on Christmas eve
*open one gift Christmas eve
*chocolate coins in the toe of stockings
*cinnamon buns on Christmas morning
*watch "White Christmas" at some point
*listen to Christmas carols while opening gifts
*decorate for Christmas on Mama's birthday (Dec 1st)
*giving time and money to charities
*visit with R & G

and things we will start next year or after that, whenever Evie is old enough to start understanding:

*advent wreath and devotionals each Sunday of advent
*put baby in nativity out on Christmas morning
*sing "Silent Night" before bed on Christmas Eve
*sing "Away in a Manger" on Christmas morning before opening gifts
*"Elf on a Shelf" tradition (google it...the elf reports back to Santa about good/bad behavior"
* tithing 10% of Christmas gift checks/cash
*saving her own money/allowance all year to pay for gifts for special people

Kris said...

We each always pick an ornament every year (Im running out of room on the tree though!)

We always adopt angels off the Salvation Army tree and if we can afford it that year we adopt a family from them too.

We drive around and look at lights on Xmas Eve.

Colin it too young for it this year but starting next year we will:
Open one gift on Xmas Eve (usually it's the new Xmas PJs) and the rest Xmas morning.

Leave out carrots and cookies and milk for Santa.

An Advent calendar to countdown.