The first meeting (of many????)...

We had our first meeting with the adoption agency that we're going to use eventually. I say "eventually" because, whether we get pregnant these next 2 cycles of treatment or not, we'll be using this agency to expand or family right away or years down the road. I feel blessed that Mark and I are both on the same page that we want to adopt some day.

Everything went really well at the meeting. There was nothing I learned that I hadn't already heard via the internet or word of mouth from those who've adopted through NCH. The only thing that shocked me was how many young couples were there. I don't know their stories but I'm pretty sure infertility plays a role in most their lives. Craziness.

What else is crazy? Um, just the fact that Ms. Flo decided to start today. That's exciting and all because I get to start my shots uber soon, but it's weird because I have FOUR more days of birth control pills left. Weird. I guess my body is ready to go, yo.

I'll leave you with a cute picture of my dog children.


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Stacy Anderson said...

AH...good old NCH. My bro and sis-in-law have been approved through them...and they're just waiting.

I have mixed feelings because they were a major opponent to the safe haven law, but the good news is that the law went through, so I'm free to love them again :)

and Yay...Ms. Flo is visiting. Never thought that would be a comment I say on anyone's blog...ever.