Good food, good times, good friends...

The long awaited Martin Sexton concert was last night. It was the 2nd time I've seen him live and the 3rd time Mark has seen him live. He is ridiculously talented. I think during the concert I asked Mark 5 times "how does he do that"? Martin preformed alone last night but you wouldn't have known because AS HE'S SINGING he does percussion and bass..kind of like beat boxing.

With that said, I'll never see him at Knicker.bockers again. That venue is a sad reminder of the lack of nice venues for music in Lincoln. Mark's band has played there many times over the last 8 or 9 years and the owners are always less than welcoming and the place itself is a sh*t hole. I told Mark ahead of time that they'd over sell the tickets and it'd be a packed mess. Well guess what? It was PACKED with no air circulation in their tiny room. People we super rude and and pushy and I had to practice ultimate self control to not beat down some of the girls. Not an ideal situation for a clausto. We went with C & M and I'm sure M has some crazier stories than I do because she got stuck by some weirdos too (amazon woman, etc). Ha!

Before the concert we headed over to C & M's for dinner. Here's a run down of what she made (in under an hour because they were working):
-Chicken cooked in wine, lemon juice & capers
-Sugar snap peas cooked in olive oil and garlic, topped with sea salt
-Cous Cous with peas and lemon zest

It was absolutely delicious and I would take M's cooking over any restaurant. Yummmm!!

The night was a blast and, despite the crazy packed venue, it was super memorable and nice to have a night out in boring L-town.

This is the only pic I took and I had to doctor it up....

Us at the concert...isn't Mark just hot?!? :) The holding out the camera thing doesn't always work. :)


Megan said...

Thanks for the compliments--we loved having you guys over. :)

I'm pretty sure we will never go to another show in Lincoln.

I didn't realize C didn't take any stills last night, but he'll send you the links to youtube when he gets them posted. Sexton is so freakin' talented!

Neenie/PawsNY said...

Glad you had an awesome time at the show! I hate when its overpacked and youre all squished like sardines and there's hands all over you and you can't breathe...at a concert I mean! LOL! :)
Ok my mouth is watering at the chicken cooked in wine...I am praying you got me a doggie bag? YUM!!!!!

Beck said...

I love reading about your life in Lincoln and I'm sad we're not there to share in the fun. Miss ya!

Emily said...

Ok, this is REALLY crazy, but Martin is one of my FAVORITES EVER! I can't wait to read more of your blog!