I was tagged!

Neenie has one of the funniest blogs I've ever read (I Think We Made a Nugget). Somehow I stumbled upon her blog when she was doing injections at the same time I was. Her stories about the day to day joys (ahem) of the process were hilarious. She's now over 30 weeks preggo and on bed rest. (Stay put a little while longer, swimmy). Anywho...I was "tagged" and I have to list 6 non-important things/habits/quirks about myself.

So here I go...

1. I'm super picky about food. I've tried to hide this from most people but I've gotten "called out" more in the last year or so. Some examples...I don't eat a lot of red meat b/c I don't like gnawing things like steaks, roast, etc. I'm really specific about how things are cooked. I like all my meat cooked all the way through (even seafood) and I about gag at people eating things rare. Along the same lines--I hate buffets. Too much food just sitting out getting nasty. Ew. If I eat something out of date by accident, I freak out for about 6 hours until I realize I'm not hurling my guts out so I must not have gotten sick. I should see someone about this.
2. I've never mowed. Ever. I've never even turned on or pushed a mower. My dad and brother always did this and, ironically, they now own a law business so they do my husband and I's yard. They rock.
3. If I could snap my fingers and have an instant career change, I'd be a photographer/graphic designer. I'd love to take pics of families and newborns and then create announcements, etc. I have no training and I don't see myself going back to school for these things but I just secretly want to do it so bad.
4. I'm really paranoid about my house being clean (especially when people come over). But, in reality, we live most the week in such a mess. We throw our clothes on the ground in the room and bathroom, the dishes pile up and smell like a**, we have piles of dust bunnies on our wood floors. Then, about once a week, I'll snap and I just HAVE to clean until it's spotless. Then we mess it up again. If we just maintained the cleanliness, life would be much easier.
5. I shave my arms almost everyday. I did it for my senior prom because some of my girlfriends decided it'd be fun. Once it grew in, I didn't like it because it was all wiry and weird looking. So I kept shaving them. That was 8 years ago.
6. I'm a TV addict. Some of my friends might have heard me say it before, but it's bad. I have so many shows that I DVR that it's crazy. I do most my watching pretty late but it's not uncommon for me to plop down at 8 or 9pm and not get up until 12:30am just so I can be sure to watch Regis & Kelly, Oprah, all my reality TV, LOST, Prison Break, Amazing Race, ER, etc etc. At least a couple times a year I tell my husband we should cancel cable and see what we'd do. He always tells me about when his family got rid of cable for a month and they spent so much quality time together. They didn't even miss it after awhile. Maybe some day I'll get the strength.

Ok, now that you all think I'm a weirdo, I'll go now. :)

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Neenie/PawsNY said...

OMGGGGGGGGGGG I TOTALLY SHAVE MY ARMS TOO! I have never admitted it to anyone except here and to you- my husband doesn't even know cause I'm sort of embarrassed. It's like once you start, you just have to keep it up forever!
And I am so with you on out of date food. My mom smells it and tastes it and is like "No its s till good" but if the date stamped on it is today- its garbage!

Happy tagging! (it was sort of fun wasnt it?) :)