and the drama continues...

So I placed a call to my RE's office this morning to outline my new "plan". I talked to a different nurse about if I need to find a new RE or if my current RE will be okay with me doing a couple rounds of shots/IUIs with the acupuncture, etc. I really truly thought that if I outlined what my expectations are that she'd be fine with letting me continuing there. Basically I told the nurse that, yes, I know I have PCOS (duh) and I know I have the chance of hyper-stimulating (double duh) but that I will be open to canceling a cycle if I have tons of follies. I'm not an idiot (though they love treating me like I am). So you can imagine how shocked I was when the nurse told me my RE re-considered and still thinks it's too much of a liability. I proceeded to try to nicely tell the nurse that it seems unethical for her to refuse to treat me. The nurse actually agreed! I said a face to face conversation would be better than communicating through nurses. So my RE was okay with a consultation regarding my feelings on these issues but it would be a $330 consultation fee. WHAT??? I've already had a consultation and paid the sh*tty fee as well as loads of other fees!

After hanging up the phone undecided on scheduling the stupid consultation, I started to think about the kind of service I'll get if I do talk her in to continuing to monitor my cycles. Yikes. So, anywho, I decided to contact another RE in the same city. He can't see me until early February so that put me off another month on beginning injections. I think a fresh start is in order and I'm excited to meet him and get his opinions on my past and future treatment plans.

In other happy news, I started acupuncture today!! Woot! It was easy and I felt good when I left. I'm going to try twice a week for a bit and then more close to ovulation and several times after I am inseminated.


orodemniades said...

Hie thee to a new clinic. Seriously. Your RE's comments make me very leery...they're just not treating you right at all. And charging extra for the consultation?? WTFF?!

Also, online pharmacies are your friends. I highly recommend the London based IVFMeds.com. Our meds for IVF #1 came to $1100, including shipping from the UK. The drugs are from Europe, but are the same as what you get over here.

justtalkingtome said...

Ditto what the previous commenter said. Hopefully this new clinic works out better.

There are a number of online pharmacies who are reasonable. Your RE should offer this as an option, especially since you'll be paying out of pocket. You may also be able to sign up for a discount plan with your pharmacy as well. That's what I did.

Finally, just a word about your RE's issue with fetal reduction. Higher Order Multiples (and sometimes even twins) can pose serious health risks to both mother and babies. It's understandable that some people do have ethical objections to fetal reduction. But in that case, you need to consider the risk/reward very carefully.

I wish you the best in your journey.

Neenie/PawsNY said...

I HATE YOUR RE!!!!! What a stinkpot! I am so mad but I am so glad you decided to start fresh and find someone else! So what if it puts you off a month- have this month off to enjoy the acupuncture! Whooh hoo!!!