The hubs and I just got back from the movie Juno. It stirred some serious emotion in me. Don't let the reviews of "comedy of the year" fool you. There are some very deep situations throughout. With all that said, I thought the move was well done and it's definitely a new favorite. I'm sure it had a different meaning to me as an infertile myrtle and possible future adopter.

A couple scenes induced the "I"m about to cry throat lump". *If you haven't seen the movie, I guess my thoughts can be considered spoilers*

-There is a scene where Jennifer Garner (as the adoptive mom) asks to touch the belly of the preggo Juno (lead character). She talks to the baby and it kicks. The look on Jennifer's face was priceless.
-Juno makes a comment to Jennifer about how she's lucky to not be pregnant and having to deal with the symptoms. As someone dealing with infertility, I know I can say I would deal with every ache, pain, puke, fatness and sleeplessness just have a baby. Jennifer's face spoke my emotions.

There are other parts of the movie that tugged on my heart but those are a couple. It's really a great movie, I would encourage everyone to check it out. There are A LOT of laughs. The hubs and I both thought it was great despite the immature teenagers inappropriately yelling out and laughing. When we were driving home we discussed whether we were that annoying and we concluded that my group of friends probably were but his were most likely not. :) Ha.

I'd guess this film will get a lot of nominations...especially the main character. Go see it. Even if you're dealing with IF. I read on a blog from a preggo girl who dealt with infertility, and she said she couldn't have made it through if she hadn't recently gotten pregnant. I disagree. It's a great flick and, though it was emotionally stirring, it was worth it.


Sara said...

My sister and I just went to see Juno and we loved it too. The soundtrack is hilariously amazing.

Jessica said...

I loved loved LOVED that mooooovie!! I can't say it enough just how enraptured I was with that one! And I have to agree with your previous poster, the soundtrack is really good! :)
And sorry for barging in on this post, I'm just dropping by from Neenie's blog! We were both tagged for that MeMe... You did your homework, I totally slacked. I'm a dork. :)