My first week of acupuncture

I had acupuncture twice this week. The first session was interesting because I didn't know what to expect. The office I go to use electric stim acupuncture. It is said to be more effective, quicker and less painful than the traditional chinese method. I was shocked it was so quick and painless. It's hard to know how quickly results would appear.

Later that night I had a HUGE deal fall through (I sell real estate) and normally I would freak out complete with yelling and crying and just plain frustration. But, for some reason, I was calm. WTF? Calm? Yes, my crazy a** type A personality was calm under pressure? There must be something wrong. It's then when I realized I had my first acupuncture treatment that afternoon. Coincidence? I don't know.

The next day at work was interesting because the word had spread that I had a ginormous transaction fall through and co-workers were upset for me. I was STILL cool as a cucumber. My boss actually asked if I was medicated! Ha!! They know me too well. I told him about the acupuncture and he said I should definitely keep up with it. He also told me that I should just relax and I'll get pregnant. In my mind I was like "oh no he did-ent" but I kindly told him that with my particular condition, it's not advisable to be off birth control for several reasons so it's hard to have a spontaneous pregnancy. I got him in trouble with his daughter (who works at my office and who is also TTC). Hehehehe.

My second treatment was quick and painless and easy. My stress still feels relatively under control so I'm a happy camper. We'll see if the results keep coming. Stay tuned.


Neenie/PawsNY said...

wow this acupuncture gig could be the answer for you! If it helps you deal with stressful situations better or helps to relax you to an extent, then the TTC journey may be a little bit easier to ride out (hopefully!!!) Stress and nerves play a big part- not the 'oh relax and you'll get pregnant' kind of thing (i sort of dont necessarily agree with that since BIOLOGY is a huge factor!) But- is it helps you get through the ups and downs of thee rollercoaster then BRING IT ON!!!!! Good luck!

Sara said...

Ok...I CANNOT stand it when people say things like that. Did he really say that to you? Oh my goodness. I can hardly stand it when people ask ME when we're having a "sibling for Bella"...and it's exactly because of what you are going through right now. How do they know we haven't been trying forever? How could a random stranger say something so personal...what IF we couldn't get pregnant. Duh. I'm sure you've dealt with that. Anywhoo...I was excited to see that you're doing acupuncture...because I just got off the phone with my sister in law who is having trouble conceiving and I told her to check acupuncture out. Someone else I know had good results with it.