Introducing the dog children...

I've recently decided to give my blog address to some friends and family so I'll be making some more personal references. So, the first thing I had to do was introduce our dog children!!!

Cap't Jack
will be 3 in June
We got him as a little baby from a breeder

Sophie Mae
will be 5 in May
We got her from a boxer rescue

They are best friends!


Kris said...

Your babies are precious!!! How did you find my blog? If you didn't come across it on one of these two sites check them out...
one for the boxer babes: http://www.boxercrazy.org/forum/index.php?PHPSESSID=759c40690895f987bb0360bbe0eb9f31;www

and one for making real babies: www.fertilethoughts.com

If you didn't read through my blog I have been dealing with IF for 4 years. I finally had success with acupuncture and my first round of IVF...best of luck to you!

Neenie/PawsNY said...

omg the puppies are gorgeous!!!!!
And I am dying to see Juno also- the commercials make it seem more of a comedy though instesd of advertising it as a touching, adoption story but I guess the comedy part is what sells! By the tine I leave this hospital it will be on dvd so I'll be sure to grab it.
I have to tell you also i tagged you on my blog (I am so sorry of you hate me for it!) Some love and some hate tags- I love because it gives me something different to do!