Hurry up and wait.

Mark and I had pretty much decided on what agency we were going to adopt through. But, within 1 week, 3 people contacted us about a different agency that we should look in to. I emailed them from their website to request an appointment last Saturday. Here I sit, 6 days later with NO RESPONSE. I called a couple times this week and apparently the gal that handles the requests for info is out sick. I'm trying to be laid back about it but wouldn't an agency like someone to check messages and get back to those who are requesting info on their services?? If we went through them we would be spending a large amount of money and would expect a professional, caring experience. Hmm. I know I'm totally impatient. I need to take a pill and chill.

I avoided being at the house today because Mark is home sick with major bad strep throat. So, I had a bunch of work appointments and then had a massage (it was divine...I go ever 2 weeks for sanity) and then got my first pedicure of the warmer weather season with my bestie. WOOT!!!! I know it's a total chick thing but it just feels so fabulous to have nice, groomed toes that are painted a pretty color. I'm lovin' it!

I'm super pumped for tomorrow because my sick husband and I are going to hit downtown for lunch and then go see the Huskers beat Texas Tech in baseball. Get this---it's forecasted to be 70 degrees!! Yes, the flip flops will be dusted off for this joyous occasion (and, yes, the toes are painted husker red). :) :)


Anonymous said...

Dude! I love pedicures! I need one soon. Maybe monday after work :) I have never had a massage because I'm super ticklish. But I wanted to try it as a reward for one of my weightloss goals. Where do you go?
-Stacy A.

Ashley said...
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km said...

Yay! It was really great to finally be able to hang out with you and the others Sat. night. I love that you're the type you don't have to work hard at being friends with and we could easily pick up as if it hasn't been forever since we've seen each other. Nice bag too! :)