Straight to My Heart

How exactly do you make my heart smile? Gerber daisies, Jelly Bellies and People magazine. That's exactly what was sitting waiting for me when I got home from work today. Thanks Em and Gabe for a nice reminder of your love and support! :)

There was a huge envelope jammed in my little 1920s mailbox yesterday. It was our first packet of paperwork from the adoption agency. We're about 50% through it (which took an hour). I still need to track down our marriage license and proof of life insurance. Hmm...where the heck did I store those?

My new goal is to learn patience. I'm an extremely impatient person which is something I totally hate about my personality. The adoption process is VERY slow moving so I'm sure there are plenty of lessons God will be teaching me. Mark, on the other hand, is the most patient person I've ever met. Thank goodness.

Here is the process I know thus far:

-Turn in paperwork to intake coordinator
-Schedule 2 hour intake interview in Omaha
-Attend 2 day ADOPT seminar (April classes are full so we have to wait until the JULY, yes JULY, classes)
-Within a few weeks after completing the classes, we'll be set up with our case worker who will start the home study which will take months.

Good stuff. We'll keep truckin'. :)


becklaw said...

i love catching up on your life through your blog. I miss you!

Neenie/PawsNY said...

AHHHH You have come so far so fast! Have you decided on international adoption or domestic?
Good luck with the paperwork!!!!

Shauna Wagner said...

I took a bit of a blog break after IVF failure #1 (and hopefully the last failure). Hopefully IVF #2 will be a trip into babyland. But I'm back blogging and glad to be reading your blog again.

I'll be really curious what you find out about adoption. -Shauna

Shauna Wagner said...

Hey, I less than 3ed you on my blog!

Anonymous said...

i just ran across your blog today. your story sounds so much like what my older sister and her husband were going through. she had 3 iui's and took clomid for 2 years! they spend ten's of thousands of dollars on all this stuff, she gained weight, and went through some horrendous depression episodes.They went to enfertility counseling at their church, and their doctor said there was no reason why she wasn't getting pregnant. everyone told her that after they started the adoption process, she would get pregnant, and she HATED people saying that. but they opened the pregnancy bottle of champagne, and started researching agencies. they had settled on an agency, and were going to start up the process last january, but they had an unexpected visitor. her chiropractor told her she was pregnant when she went in for an adjustment. i'm going to have a nephew in august! prayer really works and God really knows what he is doing. my sister is 32, so she's got some age on ya, but i'll be praying for you and mark. this is serious stuff, but i know God has a plan. i miss all my old nebraskan friends. life has really been good to all the texan crew. kevin is going to be a dad next month. zack is a cop, and hannah is lovin life in san antonio. jenae is a personal trainer. and josh and laura have two kids and are living in austin. send my love to everyone

katy matthews hoff

Amber said...

I have checked in on your blog a few times. I wish you luck with your adoption. What agency are you going through? We were pursuing adoption, but then had a cousin offer to be a gestational surrogate for us. I do my trigger shot tonight and have my egg retrieval on Thursday. Also, what RE did you use? I go to Heartland in Omaha. Our site is:
Best of luck to you! Amber