Gatorade, How I Hate Thee


I've been drinking a liter of Gatorade (actually G2--the lower sugar kind of Gatorade) daily according to my RE to avoid OHSS (ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome). I feel like I'm pretty out of the woods because I'm not really bloated any more. But, I guess I'm "at risk" for another week so I'll keep choking down the Gatorade.

I still remain pretty symptom free. It's a little odd because my last few cycles I had lots of weird things happening to my body. The only thing to note is very mild cramps and a bunch of red dots that appeared on my chest and are fading. I'm excited because I'm already 7 dpo and I get to test a week from today. It's all gone by pretty fast surprisingly. I hope this week continues to fly!

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Neenie/PawsNY said...

omg 7 dpo already??? OK no wmore counting because now the last week will take 87 years to get through!!! Good work avoiding the OHSS crap- I did the gatorade stint as well and my RE told me egg whites are also helpful. So that was my diet- and wouldnt you know it- it got me to LOVE gatorade! :)
Happy one week down! Fingers haven't uncrossed yet for you so stay positive!