Why do I feel so normal??

I hope I don't jinx myself, but today I've felt pretty normal again. It's the first day in a few where I'm not a bloated disaster and cramping like crazy. The progesterone & estrogen seem to be side effect free (knock on wood).

Tonight will be interesting....I'm tossing the Ambien. If you don't know about this wonderful drug, it's a sweeeet sleep medicine that I can barely live without. Unfortunately, it's a class C drug that hasn't been tested for it's affect on pregnant women and the possible dangers for the fetus early in pregnancy. I still remember when my best friend was in the hospital with uber high blood pressure and, in effort to help her relax, they hooked her up with some Ambien (apparently it's ok later in pregnancy). She called me the next day and was like "I totally see how you love that stuff." She cracks me up. So if you want to find me sometime around midnight or 2am or 4am or even 7am, I'll still be awake lying on my couch. It's a bit of detox for a couple nights. :)

Ridiculous story of the day:
I was going to the bank today to deposit my check. There were 2 lanes that were clearly marked...one going right, one going left. The bank was to the right so I was in that lane. I had noticed that the lady in the lane next to me and a little in front was in a mini van that was SUPER beat up...like it was hit with basketball sized hail. It looked really odd. So right when we were practically parallel, she decided to jerk over in my lane to turn right and I had to throw on my breaks and roll up on the curb a bit to not get side swiped. WHAT A FREAK SHOW! LOOK AT YOUR VAN AND GET A CLUE! Fortunately, I drive a Jeep so it was sort of fun to go up on the curb, but it was still annoying.


Shauna Wagner said...

glad you're feeling well! hope everything goes great for you this cycle.

BecMama said...

so glad you're feeling better. remember our Lord is control and knows if this is THE time. thanks for the story...it made me smile wide. some people never learn. love you friend.