::Halloween:: ::2013::

This year's Halloween was a bit different since we were toting around two extra little bodies. The babies did pretty good and all three kids were adorable.  It was also the first year we were in our new (kid explosion) neighborhood. So much fun to trick-or-treat when almost every house participates. In the words of my nephew: "best Halloween ever!"
 We re-do this pic every year. I guess it was the year of black.
 Declan was obsessed with being a skeleton. Obsessed. The costume came in on Monday and we had a Halloween party that Saturday before. I scrambled and put together a cowboy outfit. My opinion....cowboy was waaaay cuter. Whattaya do?!

I love to compare pics year to year:
2012- little Luigi
 2011- cutest little fireman around (this picture kills me)
2010- adorable pirate
2009- another fave...newsy
2008- little dragon

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