So Much

There is so much going on with this case or should I say cases (sister is on a separate case). Yesterday, after what felt like a pretty good court hearing, I had the realization that this is going to drag way out. Like in to 2016 out. My heart breaks for these boys that they won't have permanency anytime soon but I also know they feel so secure, stable and loved. Baby girl continues to be a total blessing and sweetheart. No matter the days she spends with us, she will be adored and smothered with brother kisses. 
After the emotional court day, I drove home from an appointment in to this sunset. I feel that God painted it just for me to remind me that His plan is perfect and to keep hanging in there. 


Kristen said...

Hi, I've been reading your blog since I began my journey in open adoption. My son Adam is now three and a half and is currently in the middle of being diagnosed with what might be mild cerebral palsy and also unfortunately but necessarily I am getting divorced at the same time. So while I am not a foster momma I do know the feeling of being overwhelmed and feeling in perpetual limbo. The only thing that seems to help is to try and not focus on the big picture...the month from now, the year from now...but focus on today, this hour, this minute. Find the joy, the smile, the hug, the laughter in that day and even if it was a day of challenges and you handled some well and some not so hot forgive yourself because your kids love you and your family loves you that is enough. Take deep breaths and take care of yourself whenever you can. You seem to have an amazing support system. I hope that the journey is completed for your amazing sweet boys and little girl so you can all breathe that sigh of stability. Thank you for sharing, your stories helped during the wait for my son.

Rebekah said...

Hang in there! We're hanging on the same branch. Thankfully, Sweet Boy's adoption will be finalized in April, but his sister's case has about another year before adoption. We are confident that she will be with us forever, but that doesn't make the red-tape wait any easier.