Declan has finally started to draw! It's been a long time coming. He's always been more in to physical things and less artsy. So this is his masterpiece. A horse:
 We spent Monday at a nearby water park. If you run in to Declan in the next year, he'll probably tell you about "the bucket". Here it is folks, the big bucket:
At our "happy place" AKA Star City. You will find us there several times a week.
Baseball with Grandma & Grandpa:
 Play date with the besties:
 My dreams came true. I love me some Dt Dew in the can, now there's a doubler. Woot!
 First time drumming with Uncle Ryan (a drummer):
 Poolside with my babe:
 Sundays with Sara! We have standing plans to meet at these certain chairs at the pool. 
The crew is different every week which keeps it fun.
 My gamers:

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