On My Mind.

I have a lot on my mind. More specifically, the following:

-Potty training. Yes, we're finally starting thinking about. Not by choice. Declan's new nanny has started to take him to sit on the potty. Sooo...wait for total interest or "roll" with the small interest he has now? Little toilet or toilet attachment thingy? Cold turkey or the "no pressure" tactic? Teach to pee standing or sitting? Reward chart or candy prize? Seriously, my mind is all over the place.

-Big boy bed. I love having busy body Declan contained in his tented crib. I fear he's getting uncomfortable. He's nearly as long as the bed and he flip flops for an hour after lying down. Also, we are hoping to need the crib for baby #2 in 2011 (God willing). So...wait as long as possible and enjoy the peace that accompanies not having to worry about Declan escaping/not sleeping/playing/tearing the room a part? Transition him to a twin- make a huge deal about it, let him pick out sheets, etc and just deal with the hazing he might give us? Quit worrying about it and move him when and only when he's too long for the crib? (I kid, I kid.)

-Paci. If you're a loyal blog reader of mine (thank you to the 4 people out there), you'll know Declan gave up his paci on his own months ago. Well, a week later he was begging for it and we are huge softies and gave it back. I'm traumatized by the "gave up the paci and never sleeps good again" stories. Declan's such a great sleeper and we are loving that.  BUT- I do think his teeth are moving a little bit. So...cold turkey? Cut of the tips? Stop caring b/c he won't go to kindergarten with it? Wait until we've made it through the big boy bed transition?

My brain is fried. Educate me, friends. What worked? What didn't?


Stefan, Sarah and Lukka said...

yeah...that's a lot and each one can seem overwhelming. Don't think about them together...go one at a time!
My kids never used a paci but I've heard that even slightly cutting the tips make them not work anymore so the kid looses interest.
As for potty training, I have two 'parts' that worked for me.
1) the kid will be ready when the kid is ready...if it's not working/getting the hang of it after about 5 days, wait a month or two and try agian...otherwise you'll just be banging your head against the wall and everyone gets frustrated.
Also 2) go with the extra absorbent 'training pants' ((real underwear)) (extra cloth in the crotch area--they sell them at Target, I believe they are Gerber brand) instead of pull ups. Pull ups are just fancy diapers that still wick away the wetness. You'll still be spending the diaper money and they'll still be clueless as to why they can't just go in the diego 'diapers' as opposed to the ones with polka dots!
The big boy bed -- when you feel he needs one, ya just gotta do it. For me and L, I had to 'train' him to stay in bed (over the course of a week, yeah, it was rough, but do-able)and then he still continued naps for about 6-8 months after the switch. Now he stil has a 2.5 hour quiet time in his bedroom, even though he gave up his nap in the summer (he's 3 1/2).
One more thing: YOU CAN DO IT, MAMA!!!


Crista said...

Ashley, I love your blog and check it regularly! Since I don't have my kid(s) yet, I'll share a story from my childhood. I sucked my finger until I was about 6. They tried wrapping it and putting on icky taste, but nothing worked. I will say that even though my teeth were a concern, I never had to have braces. I hope you are able to work through your options without too much worry. : )

Willy's Auntie said...

I'd say first, more power to your nanny for potty training Declan, BUT if he isn't ready or you, his parents aren't ready he will not get potty trained. You as Declan parents and the nanny should be on the same page - just my humble opinion! I wouldn't worry about the paci or the bed thing until you had to. Enjoy the sleep is what I would say! Oh, and I'm sure he'll be potty trained before kindergarten! Relax and enjoy your little guy and I pray that #2 comes in 2011.....

Maya's Musings said...

I am a faithful reader!! Soooooo, I am just like you, constantly worrying about doing the right thing at the right time. It doesn't get any easier when they get older, just a different set of worries. I am really trying to just give it to God when I start stressing. Right now, my big stress is public or private school, homeschool?? I don't know...

Anyways, my 2 cents, potty training is parent training, big kid beds are awesome and he will learn to stay put, and no clue about the paci, ha ha!

Jenn and Joe said...

Hey Ashley, I agree, you should pick one of these things to deal with at a time! Since you asked here are my thoughts, as a mom and a nanny:
Potty Training is a big issue to me. As a nanny I have potty trained 7 kids in the last 6 years! First being a boy. His mom wanted him potty trained before the summer because they spent their summers on their boat, and she didn't want to deal with diapers anymore. We were 100% on the same page and we had him fully potty trained in a month, 2 weeks before his 2nd birthday! My latest training has not gone so well. The girl turned 2 Oct 6th and has two big sisters that she watches. She was very excited to go, and went for a week with me. When the weekend came, her parents were too busy to keep up with it! They had places to go, so they put her in a diaper and gave her permission to use it! Now two months later she only poops on the potty with me, and that is because she gets a visit from the Nemo pez dispenser, and we sing the potty song to her whenever she does. Her parents say they "think she is too young....but will be ready when they get back from disney Jan 2nd". lol So, my best advise, what ever you choose, make sure you and your nanny are on the same page! If you are not ready right now, tell her! Thank her for trying, and tell her that you will let her know when you are ready~

Jenn and Joe said...

Part 2: lol I have nothing to share about his bed. Maybe move him to a big boy bed when you have a long weekend, or some time off so you can be ready for the hard work that will come with it!
I also have pacis on my mind! I said I was going to cut Alex off when he turned 1, that was a week ago, and I still haven't done it. At first I thought he was having a hard time sleeping without it, so I would just throw it in his bed in case. By Monday I forgot and just gave it to him at nap time. Now I keep catching him chewing/sucking on his thumb, and I am afraid to take the paci, because I don't want to turn him on to his thumb! I will say that he NEVER gets his paci out of his bed, so because of that I don't mind if he has it a little longer. I have heard the longer you wait, the harder it is!

Good Luck!

Rebekah said...

Okay, now you have ME worried about potty training. I had no idea there were so many things to think about!! :) I think we'll be on the early front because Ty is already showing an interest and tells me "poo-poo, Muma" right before he poops!

Our plan is to get rid of the paci after Christmas vacation (we'll be in the car for about 16 hours within a week, I know we'll need it!) I really don't have a plan other than taking it away at night for a week, but letting him use it at nap and then stopping all together. I see disaster in our future...

I only have loose plans for the big boy bed. We're anxious to switch him so that we can have better cuddle time - totally selfish on our part! I have some friends that put a baby gate in the door so their kids can't leave. We'll be doing the same! We're going to get through the trauma of the paci first before we start thinking about the big boy bed.

Let us know how things go on your end!

Angie said...

WOW!! Don't worry too much about all at once... or do! LOL. Ok, the hard part here is I'm talking girls... but here's what I've done...

1) Paci- COLD TURKEY BABY! Actually both girls did much better than I thought. With Holly I cut the paci part off but it made her sad. Simply taking it was far easier. Then, for Hannah, I took hers at night first, then months later, took it away for her nap. Honestly? Both missed it a bit, but not as much as I though they would.

2)Big Beds... Holly has done so well. Only been a week so can't say for sure but we started with just a nap here or there in a big girl bed to get her used to the idea. Then we switched it. I told her she had to stay in her bed and she just does. I also super duper baby proofed her room and put a baby gate at the door.

3) Potty Training... Holly's been PT'd since 23 months. Honest? She was ready, I wasn't. But I had been putting her on the potty irregularly for months, and she finally started poo-ing and after that, it was a matter of two weeks and it was done. Now, my suggestion to get him to poo? Silly as it sounds, ask him to try to fart (boys think that's funny right?).... it worked for Holly!

Good luck, and don't sweat it! Both my nephews were PT'd around 3... oh, that's when their paci's were taken too.

hope548 said...

I don't blog anymore and I rarely comment, but I like to read your blog because our son, who we adopted, is about the same age as yours, plus you take great photos!

Potty Training: Our son is 27 months and mildly interested in the potty. He'll use it sometimes and won't other times. We cloth diaper and I'm starting to feel really done with it, so I'm devising an intense, but hopefully not stressful potty training weekend. We'll see what happens. I think this decision is very much up to you.

Bed: We transitioned our son into a twin bed about 2 weeks ago and he's done great. I really expected him to get out of bed and want to play, but so far he stays in bed at bedtime and naptime. It's pretty cool to see your son run in to greet you in the morning when he wakes up, but not so cool when he wakes up before you!

Paci: Can't really comment. Our kiddo never took to the paci, but he sucks his thumb when he's tired, so we'll have to try to break him of that one day, but I'm not in a hurry.