The Boys Club

Okay, so it's not really a club. It's a group of moms that let their kids burn energy together, but I love it. In the summers we break out slip n slides and bring picnic food and hang outside until nap time. In the winter we dump coats, hats and shoes by the front door and eat a yummy lunch while kids run crazy. It's so laid back and easy. Don't you love easy?! Come if you can, we'll miss you if you don't.

This year one of the moms hosted a gingerbread house decorating party. It was such a blast. Declan scooped frosting in his mouth with tootsie rolls and I snapped pictures and helped salvage his ugly house by adding a Trix border. The boys had a blast and Decs napped 3 hours even though he was hopped up on sugar. Score!
4 of the 8 boys:
1 piece of candy on the house, 1 in my mouth, right?!
 "silly faces!"

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